Maintaining SEO for good online dental marketing

A well maintained website and strong online presence will help attract and nurture the attention of potential patients for your dental practice. Research has shown that most people do not book an appointment the first time they visit your website, but require ongoing exposure to your name and services to help instil a sense of confidence to pick up the phone and book an appointment to visit you in person. This is particularly the case with nervous patients who are already reluctant to visit the dentist, but is also the case for most people who are considering undergoing dental treatment other than regular appointments at the dentist. Here at Dental Focus we have almost two decades of experience in creating websites and maintaining dental marketing to create a strong online presence for dental practices, speak to us today and we can help you too.

What is SEO and why is it important in dental marketing?

When a person is searching for their dental needs in your area using Google they are presented with a list of search results. On this list there are paid Google advertisements and there are organic listings. It is important to get yourself at the top of the organic search results list, because Google paid advertisements are obviously the most effective way of getting your website seen and heard, however it can be expensive to maintain. It is better to focus on creating an effective dental marketing strategy and a strong online presence which will work for you and help you find new patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This requires effective search engine optimisation (SEO). The implications of this are that you can tailor the information on your website and the content that you produce to what your potential patients are already looking for, by finding out the most commonly searched dental terms in your local area and using these keywords strategically and repetitively throughout your online content. The effect of this is to make Google recognise that you have the answers that your potential patient is looking for. The algorithms that Google uses to create its search results are ever-evolving, and there are over 200 of these, but our experienced team here at Dental Focus can take care of this for you so that you can focus on looking after your patients’ dental needs.

Backlinks for better SEO

Backlinks are another important method of dental marketing which help boost your SEO with Google. This is when your website is linked to other pages and the more backlinks that you have the greater your SEO and the higher up you will be in the search results list with Google. The quality of these backlinks are also very important, so when we create content for your website we use links to to the NHS and other trusted websites where you can read more about dental subjects, complications, treatments and procedures, and this helps build further confidence in your readers with regard to the information that you are offering them and at the same time it helps keep Google happy too.

Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more about these strategies and other techniques that can be used to help your dental marketing system and find more patients for you.