Need to attract more patients to your surgery? Top dental marketing tips from Dental Focus

When your dental surgery opens its doors for the first time, you will need to invest in a suitable marketing strategy to help it to thrive and be successful long term.

And while you may be aware that you should market your dental practice, in the world of online competition and websites, it is much tougher to know how to do so effectively.

Luckily, there are numerous strategies you can use and none of them involve spending a fortune on flyers or sending out information leaflets to every house within a 5-mile radius! Today, marketing is much simpler and can be exceedingly productive if you choose the right marketing team to spearhead the operation.

Which is where we come in!

At Dental Focus, we have over 1,000 successful dental websites under our belt and a team who know everything there is to know about dental marketing. Our team of SEO specialists, social media experts and our website designers can bring your dental surgery’s web page into 2021 and triple your patient list in no time at all. Brilliant!

But what are some of the secrets behind our successful dental marketing strategy?

Social media presence

If you visit any website these days, you will probably spot the Facebook and Instagram logos somewhere on the home page; these are huge platforms that can expose your dental surgery to a completely different demographic.

As part of our dental marketing tactic at Dental Focus, we will create a social media page for your surgery (either Instagram or Facebook to start with) to help your brand become more recognisable among younger patients.

Local SEO

This is where our SEO team and our writing team come into play; suppose your dental surgery is based in Tower Hamlets, London, UK, then you will want to attract patients from the local area.

Our writing team can create unique articles for your page which describe what your team does and your location (e.g. dental implants in Tower Hamlets). Our SEO team will ensure that your page makes it to the front of internet searches, by speeding up your website and making it mobile accessible. And boom! Your page is now easy to find for local patients.

Website makeover

For your website to be successful, the home page has to load within 4 seconds and has to be engaging or your site visitors will click away from it!

Our website experts at Dental Focus will make your home page engaging, colourful and unique to your surgery and brand.


A key way to make your web page stand out is the use of informational videos about the services that you and your team can offer.

In short, this is the perfect time to get behind a camera and discuss with your potential clients the treatments you offer or provide step-by-step guides to certain procedures. This is a great way to introduce yourself and your team to more nervous patients, who will often need to be familiar with your practice before booking an appointment.