Need to hire a dental marketing team? FAQs our team at Dental Focus are asked by clients

Being a dentist in 2021, it is important to have insights into trends and what your patients are looking for.

Following the global pandemic, you will undoubtedly want any current and new patients to know that they are safe when they come to your surgery for treatment. And, of course, you will want to get your surgery’s site up and running again, to help attract new patients.

But, as a dentist, it is likely that these skills fall a little bit outside of your remit and so, you will want to hire a marketing team to oversee these facets of your business. This is where we come in!

At Dental Focus, our dental marketing team has helped dental surgeries to advertise that they are opening their doors to patients again, and have been able to keep the sites updated with the latest information about COVID-19. This will allow your patients to know that you care about their safety and should serve to boost the numbers of new patients to your surgery.

But before you rush to hire our dental marketing team, we expect that you have some questions. Here, we answer some of the common queries we receive during our initial engagements with dentists. Enjoy!

Do you use templates for website building?

No, we don’t.

We believe that each dental surgery page should be unique, and should reflect your team, your surgery and the services you offer to your patients; if you scroll through some of the sites we oversee, no 2 have the same layout.

Our dental marketing team will discuss with you and your team how you want your page to look and will incorporate some of the key features that make a dental surgery page successful when trying to attract new patients.

How do I know your SEO is the best?

At Dental Focus, we offer our clients a unique approach to optimizing their surgery pages. Our team is made of experts in every area of marketing; we cover everything from SEO, to social media expertise to marketing writers, all geared towards getting your page to the top of the ranks.

And hey, with nearly 20 years in the business and over 1000 dental websites under our belt, the results speak for themselves!

When can I expect to see results?

Once we have made over your site, composed a few blogs and got your site SEO ready, you should begin to see new patients coming in within a few weeks. But, for our work to take effect and for new patients to appear, it can take up to 6 months; the wait will be worth it!

My surgery primarily offers orthodontics; can you make this a key feature of my site?

Oh yes! While we primarily focus on cosmetic surgery sites and general dental practices, we have a few orthodontic sites that we oversee too and we can ensure that all of the imagery, wording and video shown on your site will be pleasant and appropriate.