New to the world of dental marketing? Ways our team at Dental Focus can help!

As a dentist in 2021, you will know how important keeping in touch with your patient can be.

And, hopefully, you will have an idea about how powerful the internet is in your patients’ lives and about how it can be used to connect with your existing patients while also finding new ones.

But if your surgery’s website isn’t attracting patients in the way you would like, it may be time to update your page and begin looking into SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a set of tools designed to help make your dental surgery page a cornerstone of attracting new patients. With tips such as blogging, social media pages and content marketing, we will soon get your page pulling in those much-needed patient leads!

Because at Dental Focus, dental marketing is what we do! With nearly 20 years of experience and over 1000+ dental websites under our belt, our marketing team knows all there is to know about SEO and bringing your website into 2021! We conduct an analysis of your surgery site and devise a customised plan, to ensure it brings in the patient numbers you want it to!

So, what are some of the dental marketing techniques we use at Dental Focus?


A search engine like Google ranks pages based on their SEO; so, if your page isn’t equipped, potential patients can’t find it!

And one of the ways that our dental marketing team will get your page to the top of any Google search is with regular, unique blogging. Our team of writers will create content for your site, based on keywords of your choosing. If done weekly, this will get your site noticed by Google, pushing it to the top of searches for dental teams in your surgeries area.

Social Media

Why are so many dentists afraid of social media?

We don’t know, but when you sign up to our team, we will ensure that your surgery has a social media page, which will attract more patients from a different age group and once again, boost your surgeries SEO. Perfect!


And when our writing team creates unique content for your site, we will ensure that backlinks are incorporated.

Backlinks to reputable websites (such as the NHS, Bupa or WebMD), will make your page more distinguished among the other listings, and once again, will boost your SEO!

Website makeover

You may be unaware, but within 3 seconds of logging on to your surgery’s page, the majority of visitors will have decided whether or not they want to click through- based solely on the layout and design!

And so, our team at Dental Focus can give your site a makeover to keep visitors engaged and clicking through for more information.

Mobile accessibility

Is your surgery site mobile accessible?

If not, you are losing Google rankings and potential patients too! Once again, we can ensure that your surgery site is mobile accessible, which will help more patients to engage with it. Fantastic!