Not up to speed on dental marketing trends of 2021? Our team at Dental Focus can help

Much like the world of fashion or music, there are now trends being spotted across the realm of internet marketing.

And of course, with the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, it seems that these trends are more likely to stay than those of 2018 or 2019. Many dental teams want to emphasise patient care more than ever alongside hygiene and preventing the spread of coronavirus, while trying to convince patients to attend dental surgeries to have check-ups and basic treatments again.

So, what does this mean for online marketing? Should all dental websites focus on check-ups over cosmetic options?

At Dental Focus, our dental marketing team has been keeping an eye on marketing trends and can help your surgery stay open and thriving throughout the ongoing global pandemic. We can alter your web page, get your SEO up to scratch and can assist you with designing and advertising your unique brand, all while assuring your patients that you can help with everything from check-ups to dental implants.

So, what are some of the dental marketing trends of 2021? Read on to find out!

Health emphasis

OK, so we mentioned this earlier, but the research from 2020 backs it up; dental patients want to know that their dental surgeries are putting their health first.

And not only their dental health; they want to know that their dental teams are investing in different protocols and precautions to keep them safe from COVID-19. So, as part of your dental marketing strategy, our team at Dental Focus will highlight this on your home page to attract more patients at this uncertain time.

Digital options

Some of your patients will be deemed clinically vulnerable during the ongoing pandemic, meaning they cannot attend your surgery in person.

And so, part of a successful dental marketing strategy to keep your current patients happy (while attracting new ones) is an online consultation system to be displayed on your home page. Our team at Dental Focus can set such a system up quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you keep those all-important patients coming in when they cannot actually come in!


We all know how important it is to communicate with your patients effectively, but in current times it is more important than ever that you and your team display empathy.

Indeed, research indicates again that during the pandemic, dental patients prefer surgeries who are putting their patients before their profit. Empathetic interactions from you and your team can be anything from a nicer telephone manner to being more flexible with appointments. Again, displaying this on your web page and in person are the best ways to attract more patients to your surgery.


Every health page on the internet has daily updates about COVID-19; why should your dental home page be any different?

Our team at Dental Focus can help keep your page up to date on current COVID related news; this, in turn, will attract new potential patients, as they will see your page as trustworthy and putting their health first. Which is as it should be!