The importance of dental marketing

Dental Focus – our 7Ps approach to dental marketing

If you have seen dwindling patient numbers at your dental practice and if you are trying to find ways to attract new patients and boost the success of your business then speak to us at Dental Focus to find out how a dental marketing team can help ensure that your dental practice will stand out from the crowd.  We at Dental Focus are a multi award-winning marketing team with vast experience in dental marketing. We have created over 1000 websites for dental practices in the last 20-years and we have a 7Ps approach to catch the attention of a reader to convert them into a client for your practice. The 7Ps involved are profile, people, premises, prices, promises, proof and products of your dental practice.

The role of the 7Ps of dental marketing in dental websites

The profile addresses your unique selling points which we will showcase on your homepage to ensure that we catch the attention of the reader in the first 5 seconds to prevent them from leaving the page to check out the competition. Once they begin to explore the website further they can read up about the staff at your practice and we will use happy, smiling pictures where they are showing off their perfect white teeth to help reassure the reader that they are in good hands. The reader will also get a feel for the premises of the practice by using photographs, videos and a three-dimensional tour where possible to allow them to imagine themselves at the practice and to help ease their minds further.

Ensuring transparency of prices of the treatments and procedures available at your practice, and providing payment plans where possible will help entice readers further to consider not only general treatment but also other procedures which can help improve the aesthetics of their teeth.

Reviews and testimonials will be displayed throughout the website to address the proof of good customer service and successful treatment at the practice, and finally services and treatment plans can be put together with yourselves to help you stand out from the competition and allure the reader into considering other treatments. Once put together by our specialist team, the website will include all the information that the patient could want for their dental enquiries and requirements and will help prevent them from having to search what is on offer at neighbouring practices.

SEO for your website – what this means for you

Once we have created a bespoke and fantastic website for you, our dental marketing team will work continuously to carry out search engine optimisation for the website to help keep your website on the first page of any search results which correspond with the treatments and procedures you offer at your practice. We use a specialist technique which analyses the keywords which are commonly searched for which relate to your practice and ensure that your website include these keywords as often as possible to help improve the position of the website on the Google results page and we aim to keep you in the number one position, below the paid for advertisements on Google.

Book a consultation with our dental marketing team today and find out how we can help you grow awareness of your business and how you can see an increase in patients at your practice soon.