What goes into a dental marketing plan? A short guide

If you own or manage a dental surgery, you will know about the importance of having a good marketing plan.

In the modern age, the majority of marketing plans are purely digital and do not rely on adverts or flyers. This means it can be a challenge for many dental teams to know where to begin with the surgery’s marketing.

Luckily, our team at Dental Focus are always happy to help.

At Dental Focus, we can help you to build a successful dental marketing strategy. By using our expertise in the area of marketing, we can help to get your dental surgery onto the first page of Google searches and get more patients visiting your website and enquiring about treatments that you can offer. Great!

But what exactly goes into one of our dental marketing plans? Read on for a very short and simplified guide.

Search engine optimisation

Suppose there is someone in the area near your dental surgery who is searching online for an emergency dentist. If your dental marketing plan does not contain search engine optimisation (SEO), this means you are losing potential patients.

SEO is the optimisation of your website to make it detectable to those all-important search engine bots, which we can do, ensuring that your website stays on the front page of any Google search and keeping you ahead of the competition in your area.

Paid ads

SEO takes a lot of time to set up and get returns, so it is worth seeing it as more of a jog than a sprint.

So, the best short term option that our team at Dental Focus can offer is related to paid adverts. Set up in strategic locations around the web, and this can bring in a short-term influx of new patients to your dental surgery. Great!

Website makeover

We will also ensure that your website is fully optimised for detection. By regularly updating content, compressing images and making sure it follows a logical pattern, we can help to keep you on the number one page on Google.

But, we will also work with you to ensure that your design ideas for the website are followed, so you will not lose individuality when you work with our team. We will also work on any branding ideas you have, conferring with you at every stage of the website makeover journey to ensure you are happy with the results.


A key part of a marketing strategy is unique, frequent content.

At Dental Focus, we can search for keywords and create a guide for your surgery articles. This is sent to our team of marketing writers, who will create unique and engaging content for your site, which will help keep your page regularly updated and more visible to Google bots.

Social media

Digital marketing requires a social media presence; this will help your website to reach a wider range of potential patients. Our team will not only ensure that your surgery has a social media page, but also keep it monitored and updated too.