Boosting your website traffic by using dental SEO

At Dental Focus we know how important it is for your practice to appear on the first page of Google’s results. Ninety-two per cent of people never look past page one, meaning if you are not there, there is a high chance that your practice is going to go unnoticed. If you are struggling to get your website noticed, or don’t have a website and are not sure where to get started, then we are here to help. By using a range of dental SEO tools we can help you to boost your website traffic and in turn, generate new patient leads for your practice. We can help you to generate more interest in treatments that are not usually so common, and we will ensure to do whatever we can to take the pressure away from you when it comes to marketing your practice.

Never underestimate the power of words

Dental SEO has a lot to do with the careful placement of keywords that your future patients are likely to be searching for. Over three billion searches are made through Google’s search engine every day, making it the most used search engine worldwide. Your future patients are likely to be searching for things such as  “dentist” or “teeth whitening treatment”, so Google will produce results for them consisting of web pages that contain these keywords, as it is considered to be relevant information. Placing keywords into the metadata of your website as well as your professional blog and generic web pages will dramatically increase your chances of appearing high up in Google’s results when people search for these terms. Especially if your location is included, as generally, your future patients will be looking for a practice that is local to them, often including a location in their search. A professional blog that is posted regularly, for example, a few times a week, will be more likely to appear on Google’s results page as it is considered to be up to date.

Getting you to the top of page one

There are several things that we will do for you when it comes to using dental SEO to secure you a top result spot on Google. As well as having a brilliant website and a professional blog we will utilise social media and ensure that we are keeping your practice up to date with advances in technology. Social media is a vital tool if you wish to reach a large a number of people as possible, as not everyone has the same social media platforms. We will maintain social media accounts, posting to them frequently and advertising your blog amongst other things. Another important thing that we make sure of is that your website and all of the features on it are optimised for mobile use. Every other person that performs a search on Google is doing so on a mobile device, albeit a phone or a tablet, and if your website is not mobile-friendly it could dramatically damage your chances of generating future leads. People do not want to have to awkwardly scroll around a desktop site from their phone, and will often leave your website quickly if they are not satisfied with it.

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