How we use dental SEO to improve your online visibility

At Dental Focus we have one primary objective. To make sure that your website gets noticed a lot. In a world of over one billion websites, it is easy for yours to get lost. However, by utilising dental SEO we guarantee that we can boost your website traffic and start to get your practice’s website noticed. We want to save you time and stress by ensuring that we succeed when it comes to marketing your practice, getting your website a high Google result ranking by using several different techniques.

A range of techniques to get you to the top

Dental SEO is vital if you want to get your website to the number one spot on Google’s results page. We use a range of techniques to help you achieve this position, such as creating and maintaining a professional blog for you as well as making sure that you have a strong presence across the board when it comes to social media. These marketing tools go hand in hand, as we are able to promote your blog on all of your social media platforms, enabling you to reach a much larger number of people. A professional blog should be uploaded to frequently to make sure it is up to date, and posting frequently will increase your chances of appearing higher in Google’s results. In addition to this, we ensure that we focus on a keyword for each of your blog posts, meaning that when someone searches up a specific treatment or word, your webpage is more likely to come up at the top of Google because their search matches with the keyword that has been used within your post. This is why posting frequently is important, as we can make sure you have a vast range of keywords covered.

We will make sure that you are on the map

These days dental SEO is more than just carefully placed words and social media platforms. Alongside making sure that your website is at the top of Google’s results page, we will get you on the map too. By this, we mean the Google Map, the map that appears right at the top of Google whenever someone searches for somewhere near them. Ensuring that you are on this map will allow local future patients to see that you exist easily, as well as finding out the necessary information that they need about your practice. This includes things like opening hours, location, contact numbers and a link to your website as well as things like reviews. Appearing on this map will increase your website traffic and your chances of gaining future patients, but to increase these chances even more we enable features such as click-to-call and click-to-find. These features enable your patients to get directions to your practice from wherever they are as well as call you with a simple click of a button. In a society where everyone is always in a rush, we believe that doing whatever possible to reduce the amount of effort required when it comes to contacting you will make future patients more likely to choose your practice over others that they struggle to find information for.

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