Key dental SEO tips we use at Dental Focus

Do you want your dental surgery page to start pullings its weight? Need some help with SEO and marketing?

At Dental Focus, we know all there is to know about dental SEO and can provide your surgery with a personalised breakdown relating to the SEO tactics that we need to use to get your website to rank highly on Google or other search engines. So, you can have a say in the overall plan.

Here, we explore 5 aspects of dental SEO that we use to help boost your surgery’s ratings online.

Keyword research

Keywords are essential to good SEO and marketing, and the keywords that are trending will change regularly, so this is an area that needs to be kept up to date!

As part of the dental SEO, our team will identify the keywords that are trending in your areas of dentistry and integrate them into your website’s blog.

For instance, if you can offer dental implants and these two words are trending in your local area, then we will ensure that the blog posts focus on these words while also being informative.

Social media

Social media now extends far beyond finding people that you went to highschool with. Having a presence for your surgery on social media can boost SEO massively and attract more people to your website’s homepage.

We will also link your homepage directly to your social media page via buttons so that the two pages will be connected and allow patients to find both with ease.

Website makeover

It can be tough to know what makes a good website design when it comes to SEO, but we know how to make your website both appealing and effective. This will, of course, draw people to it and engage with it for long enough to click about and find what they need.

Our website makeover usually includes the minimising of images via compression as this helps the page to load quicker, and we may also rearrange the drop-down tables and other features to ensure that it all follows an easy pattern.

This will help patients to navigate the site while also maximising the website’s SEO.


You know you can access your website via a computer, but is it accessible via a tablet or mobile phone?

These are key features that will help it to stay on the first page of Google, and they are areas that our team can actively work on. Why is this important? For two reasons. Firstly, the Google bots need to be able to detect your website, and if it is accessible to multiple device types, this is easier. Secondly, it will help to keep people visiting your website and hopefully becoming patients, which is usually the goal of any marketing campaign!


Of course, all of this is for nought if it isn’t tracked!

Our team will oversee the tracking of your website and ensure that the number of visitors increases in flow with the SEO marketing strategy.

We will always aim to keep your website on the top page of Google, so we will need to track the areas of the website that are pulling in organic traffic and highlight areas that may need tweaking to help keep the website pulling its weight.