Not sure if dental SEO is worth it? Top advantages of SEO from Dental Focus

If you run a dental website, chances are that you have been asked about search engine optimisation, or SEO, a few times; usually from companies who want to sell it to you.

And if you are a dentist whose speciality is performing dental implants, you are probably a bit confused as to why you should invest in it.

In short, SEO helps to boost your surgery home page by increasing the quality and quantity of traffic that it gets. If you are fed up with your dental surgery’s home page seemingly sitting online and doing nothing, you may want to consider hiring a marketing team to help boost its SEO and attract more patients.

The easiest way to do this is by calling our team at Dental Focus.

At Dental Focus, we have dedicated nearly 20 years to dental SEO and can help turn your website from, well, just a website into a thriving part of your surgery’s expansion. Using our marketing team, SEO specialists, writers and website designers, our team will help your surgery to boom during these rather uncertain economic times. What more could you ask for?

Not sure it’s worth investing in Dental Focus and our targeted dental SEO strategy? Read on for more advantages that it can offer you.

Inbound marketing

OK, so in the 1980s, outbound marketing was the way marketing worked; cold calls and spam were everywhere and were designed to attract patients or customers through pure saturation.

Fast forward to 2021, and our dental SEO strategy involves inbound marketing; this is more customer-focused and is guaranteed to attract more patients to your surgery.

If a web user is looking for a service your team can offer (for example dental implants in London), our team at Dental Focus will ensure that they see your page using specialist keywords as tags.

No adverts!

Adverts are great, but if you aren’t the market they are aimed at, they can be tedious. SEO removes that tedium and focuses your dental surgery, its brands and its products at specific audiences using an algorithm, which will equate to more patients calling your practice.

Diversifying clients

If you are looking to attract more teenage patients to your surgery to use Invisalign lite, SEO can determine the best places to advertise your dental surgery.

In fact, one core part of what Dental Focus does is set up a social media page for your surgery, so potentially younger patients can access information about cosmetic, orthodontic and general dental procedures.

A more diverse patient list is key to being more successful, and on social media, news spreads fast!


If you run a dental surgery in London for example, chances are you have some fierce competition.

While you may not be able to figure out how your competitors are attracting their patients, our team at Dental Focus will investigate the keywords that they are using, and identify their products using our SEO research and analysis tool. So, you can outsmart them at their own game!