The importance of digital marketing and dental SEO

There are many different techniques and strategies which are necessary to put together good search engine optimisation or dental SEO. Without dental SEO in this era of digital technology it is very difficult to attract new patients or help grow your dental practice. The majority of healthcare services are researched online prior to booking an appointment and this includes dental practices in your area. A word of mouth referral will most likely be followed up by a Google search and this is the same for leaflets and flyers through the door. When a potential patient types in the name of your dental practice then it is important that you have an attractive and modern dental website in place, with all the information that they could possibly need as regards their dental requirements. Likewise if they type in ‘dentist near me’ whilst in your geographical vicinity then you need to have measures in place which ensure that your website is one of the first ones to be listed, or you will lose that patient to another dental practice in the area.

Google my business

To help begin your dental SEO you need to put together a Google my business page for your dental practice. This involves entering your address and all of the contact details, such as telephone number, email address and opening times of your dental practice. You will also be able to include information such as your USPs and which areas of dentistry you specialise in. This will create a map of the area and Google will use this information to put you on the map pack. This is so that when a search for dental practices in the area is being carried out then Google will realise that you are a prime candidate and rank you at the top of the list. This is important because most people will not be searching your dental practice by name, but be looking for local practices in their area. If your name does not come up on the list, then you may as well be non-existent, because gone are the days where people would walk past your dental practice and decide to walk in and book an appointment to visit you in person.

It is also important to gather patient reviews for your dental practice to help show patients proof of the quality dental care and excellent customer service that you are able to provide at your practice. The more five-star ratings that you are able to receive and collate, the more patients will be attracted to your dental practice. They will see that you are reliable and trustworthy and that they’ll be able to get quality dental care when they visit you. Better Google ratings also help Google rank you higher up the list for dental SEO, again this will help direct more patients to your website. Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out about the techniques and strategies that are required to do this and boost the success of your business very soon.