7Ps of dental marketing for unique dental websites

Unique dental websites are hugely important for strong dental marketing in this era of digital technology. Without creating good dental websites you cannot create an effective dental marketing system, because dental marketing has shifted to digital marketing and the key to digital marketing is a dental website. Speak to us at Dental Focus today. We are a digital dental marketing team and we have achieved multiple awards for our excellence in creating dental websites for dental practices here in the UK and over in Australia. Over the last two decades we have helped create over 1000 dental websites. With our tried and tested methods we are here to help you put together a bespoke, modern and functional dental website, which will be educational and informative and boost the success of your dental practice. To do this we use the 7Ps of dental marketing to make sure that your dental website covers all aspects of your business, so that potential patients can find all the information that they need with regard to their dental requirements in one place. Meaning that you do not have to worry about them looking elsewhere to find out what your competitors are offering.

The 7PS of dental marketing include the profile of your dental practice, the people and the premises of your business, the prices of the treatments and procedures that you offer, as well as promises of quality dental care and good customer service. The next translates to proof of quality dental care and excellent customer service, through patient reviews, ratings and testimonials. And the last P concerns the products that you are able to offer your patients in the form of treatment packages and smile makeovers which they may be unable to get elsewhere.

Maintaining and updating your website for greater success

Speak to us today and delegate your website to our professional and experienced marketing team at Dental Focus. We will maintain your website on a regular basis by updating the content and creating new and exciting articles all the time. We have specialised writers who will be creating onsite articles and blogs for your website on a monthly basis, depending on which dental terms are most popular at that time. This will help attract patients who are already looking to address their dental needs, because we will be looking on Google to find out what terms they are typing in most commonly in your area and focussing the articles on these topics. We will also ask you to inform us of what is happening at your dental practice and the offers and promotions which you may be running, which will also be included on your website. This is to make sure that your patients are persuaded to book an appointment with you very soon. We will also include photographs of successful treatments and procedures being carried out at your dental practice to help encourage patients further.

Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more about the development and maintenance of good dental websites and why we are one of the best dental marketing teams in the country. Discover what we can do to help boost the success of your dental practice and find quality patients for you.