Competing with other dental websites for the top Google result spot

Opening a dental practice can be extremely daunting, but having a dental practice that is becoming stagnant can be depressing. At Dental Focus we want running your practice to be fun for you, so if we can help to eradicate some of your stress when it comes to the creation, maintenance and success of dental websites then we will. We know that getting noticed on Google is difficult, but we have a team of professionals that are extremely skilled at what they do for you to benefit from. If you believe that you could do with a little extra help when it comes to marketing your practice, get in touch with one of our team today to find out what we can do for you.

A great website doesn’t make it visible

Unfortunately, dental websites no longer get noticed just for being sophisticated or well-made. You need to have an efficient digital marketing plan put into place to ensure that your website is going to soar to the top of Google’s results page and generate lots of new patient leads every month. Here at Dental Focus, we use a range of techniques that increase your website’s search engine optimisation, but we also save you time, stress and money by doing so. Being professionals at what we do, we will make sure that we secure you a top result spot on Google. Websites that do not achieve these rankings often remain invisible on the internet, as over ninety per cent of people never even look past page one of the results that have been produced for them. Even worse than this, a majority of people say that they never look past the first three or four top results, either. Considering that there is a lot of competition out there, it is ideal to get a professional to do your marketing for you to make sure that nothing goes wrong. At Dental Focus we work with dentists to produce content, so we know that it is of the highest quality, reliable and informative.

Keeping up with technology

When we are creating your dental websites we know how important it is to make sure that they keep up with your competitors. An old-looking website that is never updated, takes a long time to load and is not mobile-friendly will destroy your chances of securing future patients. These days, one in every two people are using a mobile device to search the internet, and they expect your website to be optimised for mobile use. People want convenience and simplicity, so we make sure that everything on your website is fully optimised for mobile devices. Your future patients will also be expecting everything on your website to load within three seconds. If it doesn’t do this there is a high chance that they will be unsatisfied, and an unsatisfied future patient is fifty-seven per cent less likely to recommend your practice to anybody else if they do not like your website. We want to make sure that your website loads efficiently and quickly, and that everyone that visits it does not leave until they are registering with you as a patient.

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