Have some FAQS about marketing and dental websites? Read on for the answers from Dental Focus

When it comes to running a dental surgery, your website has got to make a good impression.

Why? Because almost 100% of people who are looking for dental surgeries to switch to do so via the internet, and to stand a chance of getting them to convert from a website visitor to a patient, your website has got to be striking.

Intimidated yet?

Don’t be! Because, while you are on the business end of things like patient care and handling bookings, it is easier than ever to get a team to manage the search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing side of things, to ensure that more patients keep coming in.

At Dental Focus, we know how to create striking dental websites for all of our clients and oversee nearly 1,000 websites to date. We have helped our clients build their patient lists using our targeted marketing techniques, while also ensuring that their requirements for their websites were adhered to. Perfect!

After reading that, you will probably have some questions about dental websites in general. Here, we answer 5 common questions we receive from potential and current clients. Enjoy!

Why is my website not attracting patients?

There could be many reasons; dental websites that attract patients are able to do so because the site itself is fast loading, easy to locate via search engine results and also has a homepage that follows a logical format.

If you are worried that your website is loading too slowly, is not mobile accessible or has no original content to attract search bots, contact our team.

How do I improve my SEO?

Improving SEO requires a website that (as mentioned before), loads quickly to multiple types of devices, is logical in its layout and has original content.

If you are running a dental surgery, it is unlikely that you will have the time to do all these things, so contact our team at Dental Focus and we will assess your website for all of these qualities and more.

I want to start a vlog for my site; can you help?

We certainly can!

We have helped many dental surgery’s build up both blogs and vlogs and can suggest trending dental related keywords to base your vlogs around.

Of course, it is up to you and your team who holds the camera and who has their Hollywood moment!

Is marketing and SEO help expensive?

This depends on the extent of initial help you may need to get your website SEO ready.

For more information about our prices and marketing/SEO packages, contact our team today.

Is it a one time fix or will I need ongoing SEO help?

The makeover of your web page is a one-time thing, but SEO is an ongoing process.

Depending on how often you want us to update your website’s blog or look for local trends, you may need a bit of SEO and marketing help on a weekly basis for your dental surgery page. But it’s all worth it!