How do some dental websites successfully attract patients? A brief guide from Dental Focus

Think back to the last time you were purchasing something online; what was it about the website that convinced you that this site was the one to buy from?

Chances are that the website was well-designed and professional. And, when purchasing products like t-shirts or shampoo on the digital marketplace, that is usually all that is needed.

But when it comes to searching for a dental or doctor surgery, there is more that needs to be available to site users to not only click your surgery page but to choose you as their dental team.

At Dental Focus, we know what makes successful dental websites! When you hire us, we will conduct an analysis of your current surgery page and devise a strategy to not only make your page more SEO friendly but also make it appealing for site users to click through.

But what are some of our gold-star tips that make dental websites a successful part of any surgery’s business plan? Read on to find out!

It needs to be in-depth

People looking on dental websites are probably looking for information about a specific service, such as emergency dental care.

And so, your page needs to be in-depth about all the procedures that you offer. Unlike buying a coat, your site’s visitors will want to know that you and your team are capable of performing this procedure and so, when our team creates a blog for your page, we will highlight all of the services you offer with short, informational articles.

It needs to be easy to navigate

Can you navigate through your site?

Successful dental surgery sites follow a logical pattern and layout; if you deviate too far from this, your site visitors will become frustrated and leave.

Our team at Dental Focus can rearrange your page to make navigating it simple, ensuring that potential patients can find everything they are looking for.

It needs to have reviews

OK, it’s time to dig out the reviews.

In our nearly 20 years of experience, we know that showcasing your reviews is a great way to make your surgery and your team more appealing to potential patients. Why not ask your current patients to take part in a video review, which adds a modern feel to your patients’ testimonials?

It needs a sleek design

No 2 sites that we have designed look the same, but at Dental Focus, we know the layouts and designs that attract patients to your surgery.

So, if you aren’t sure that your page has an appealing font or design, contact us.

Your team needs to be on it!

To add a more personal element to your site, our marketing team will recommend that you take some photos of your team, with their qualifications and brief bios and place them on your page.

This will allow patients (especially nervous ones) to feel more at ease about contacting you for dental work; professional pictures of your surgery will help too!