How we makeover dental websites at Dental Focus

If your dental surgery has been around for a few years, chances are it has needed some updating, especially with the growing trend in internet marketing and SEO.

As you may be aware, marketing and search engine optimisation are now the best ways to get your dental surgery to expand. By utilising a set of techniques, your surgery page can be transformed into a business card for your practice, attracting more new patients and getting your team the prestige that they deserve.

Our team at Dental Focus can transform dental websites into valuable assets for dental surgeries. We can oversee the design of your website from scratch if needed, or we can optimise a current surgery page that you already have. Simple!

So, how exactly does our team makeover dental websites and make them a great marketing tool? Read on to find out!

Start a blog

Let’s first consider how SEO and marketing work. To get new patients to visit your surgery page, it needs to be ranked highly on a search engine like Google. One of the ways to get dental websites onto the top page is to start a blog based on keywords that your surgery can offer (like dental implants); an updated blog is a great tool and an essential part of marketing. A website that has new and original content every week will be able to attract Google bots. thus making it to the front of the searches.


Your website may be stunning, but there are many ways that even a great-looking website may not be suitable for SEO and marketing.

For those all-important Google bots to pick up your surgery page, it needs to follow a set pattern in how it is presented and the order that it follows on the homepage.

Our team can makeover your surgery page and rebuild it from the ground up, making it more suitable for SEO and marketing at every step of the way.


We touched briefly on keywords earlier.

In relation to SEO and your website, the keywords used in blog posts and original content will need to be updated as often as possible, preferably once a week.

As mentioned earlier, this will attract the Google bots to your surgery page and thus help to make your website’s blog a key part of the overall marketing strategy.

Speed and accessibility

We will also ensure that your website loads quickly and is accessible to as many people as possible, especially those who have mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets.

The speed and accessibility will once again bolster the SEO of the page.


A pretty website is one that more people want to engage with, and aside from following a logical pattern, we will also ensure that your homepage is attractive and full of photos of your team and your surgery. We can even place animations on the page so that site visitors can get a quick understanding of what it is that your surgery can offer.