Is your surgery’s home page eye-catching? How we make successful dental websites at Dental Focus

What makes a dental surgery’s home page appealing?

Firstly, when you are building it, you need to abandon using any site that offers a template! To make your surgery page stand out, you need to think very carefully about the design of the page, your branding and how much information you want to display on your home page.

Sounds simple? It isn’t’!

Research into online marketing suggests that a website visitor (in this case a potential patient), will decide if they like your home page within 5 seconds of clicking onto it. So, much like making a good first impression in a meeting, you have very little time to persuade your page visitor that your team is going to be the best at providing dental care for them and their family. Talk about pressure!

And that is where our team at Dental Focus comes in!

As our name suggests, we know all there is to know about dental marketing and building successful dental websites. We will oversee the makeover of your dental site from scratch; everything from the home page to the fee section will be made over with our magic touch, creating a page that will offer a high conversion rate of website clickers to real-life patients.

But what are some of our tricks for creating successful dental websites?

Mobile device friendly

There are few people today who don’t have access to a smartphone, a tablet or both.

And one of the ways that our team at Dental Focus builds interesting and profitable dental websites is to make them mobile accessible.

This means all of your website’s features need to be able to load quickly and be easy to navigate; this will help your website be more accessible to Google bots and will help with its overall ranking on searches.

Eye-catching design

It can be a bit of a challenge to devise a home page for a dental surgery that is eye-catching; remember, it only has 5 seconds to make an impact!

While you may want certain features to be displayed on your home page, such as your brand, your surgery motto etc, our team will create a completely unique design for your surgery, to ensure that the chance of your site visitors becoming real-life patients skyrockets.

Personalised images

Stock-photos can look good in certain situations, but if you really want to make your website pop, you will need a more personalised touch.

Our team at Dental Focus can offer you the services of a professional photographer to take pictures of your staff and surgery, to help site visitors identify your staff and recognize your surgery when they enter it; this is particularly useful for nervous patients and children, who may need a bit of a boost to attend any dental practice.


Does your web page follow a logical order?

If you aren’t sure, our team at Dental Focus can take a brief look through your surgery home page and devise a way to make your site more accessible to all its visitors.