The role of dental websites for your practice and your patients

Dental websites have multiple roles to play as a marketing tool for the dental practice itself and for the general public. A significant percentage of the adult population here in the UK present some form of dental anxiety and over 10% of adults have a dental phobia and avoid the dentist altogether. Good dental websites can help encourage the public to face their fears by educating them on the importance of looking after their oral health and visiting their dentist on a regular basis, whilst warning them about the issues that can occur by avoiding the dentist or as a result of poor oral hygiene.

Good dental websites address nervous patients directly, reassuring them that dentists are able to provide wonderful customer service alongside excellent dental care. By promoting clean healthy teeth and beautiful smiles, interests are aroused in further dental treatments and cosmetic dentistry.

How we will create an excellent website for you

If you want to put together a fantastic dental website which does all of the above then you have come to the right place. Here at Dental Focus we are a digital dental marketing team and we specialise in creating individually tailored, modern and attractive dental websites which work to promote the success of your dental practice and benefit the oral health of your patients at the same time. We will take care of the development and maintenance of your website and make sure that it is optimised effectively so that you have a system in place which is working for you 24/7, to find quality patients who are already searching for the treatments and procedures that you have to offer at your dental practice. We will speak to you and your team to find out everything we need to know about your dental practice and your business as a whole, and we will use this to personalise the information with regards to your treatments and procedures to create a website which has the solutions to all the dental issues in your local area.

Most importantly we will make sure that when a patient reaches your website, they are able to find all the answers to their dental needs presented in an interesting, informational and educational way which is aesthetically pleasing and engaging. We will encourage them to either bookmark your page and revisit it on a regular basis to learn more about you, your team, and the practice itself, find out more information about the different treatments and procedures that you have to offer, sign up to your mailing list or look for you and follow you on social media and hopefully book an appointment and visit you in person very soon.

Speak to our specialised and friendly team here at Dental Focus today, discuss your expectations, and let us put together a fantastic dental website and an effective marketing campaign in place for your dental practice, so you can enjoy the growth of your business and the increase in patients whilst you focus your efforts and expertise on looking after their dental needs.