What makes dental websites SEO ready? 5 things to consider from our team at Dental Focus

Is your surgery site not attracting customers in the way you want it to? Do you feel it is more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to attracting new patients?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then contact our team!

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of expertise under our belt and we can help makeover your dental websites. Our marketing team can ensure that your page is not only SEO ready but will continue to attract patients for a long time! Great stuff!

nsure if your site is SEO ready? Here are 5 questions to ponder as you browse through your dental websites.

Is it fast?

To be SEO ready, all dental websites have to be fast; the homepage has to be fully loaded in 3-4 seconds flat or else, you are losing over 90% of the site’s visitors.

Is your site too slow? Then contact our team at Dental Focus and we will speed it up!

Is it attractive?

We’ve all been there; we’ve logged onto a webpage and have been instantly turned off by something about the layout and design; perhaps it looks too cramped?

We have found that within 4 seconds of being on a site’s homepage, over 90% of potential dental patients will decide if they want to pursue treatment with you. Therefore, we will create a visually attractive page that makes visitors want to click through and not click off!

Is it mobile accessible?

It is as simple as this; most people own a smartphone.

And with the growing use of smartphones and the phasing out of desktop computers, it is important for any page to be mobile accessible.

When you hire our marketing team at Dental Focus, one of the first things we will do is make sure that your surgery page is not only accessible on all mobile devices, but that it offers the same features and is just as fast as it would be on a laptop or desktop computer.

Is there a blog?

A key element of what makes so many dental surgery pages SEO ready is the site’s blog; a weekly article discussing one aspect of what you and your team can offer to patients can make a world of difference.

And of course, the more blog pages you have with keywords, the higher you will rank on Google. When Dental Focus begins the SEO makeover of your page, our team of writers will create original blog pieces for your page, to help get you closer to the first page on any search engine.

Is it actually SEO ready?

Of course, there is more that goes into SEO than the points mentioned above and when you contact our team at Dental Focus, we can make sure that your dental surgery page is SEO ready!

By compacting images, creating backlinks and ensuring that photos are titled (as opposed to numbered), this will help your page to get to the top of Google’s rankings!