What makes good dental websites? Our team at Dental Focus offers a few tips!

It’s a phenomenon that has happened to almost everyone who has surfed the internet; you come to a website to look for something and there is an issue with the site that is an instant turn-off.

Perhaps the font is not the right size? Maybe there are problems with the loading time? Either way, when you are trying to get people to stay on your website and use it, you will need to take an honest look at your homepage to see if it is what is driving people away. This is of paramount importance if your website is part of your marketing, it is vital if you are a dentist and is even more important if you want them to sign up for your surgery!

But how do you do it?

At Dental Focus, our marketing team knows how to get people to stay on your website, browse through it and sign up to your surgery. We have nearly 20 years of designing dental websites and can provide you with an unbiased analysis of your surgery’s site to highlight areas for improvement, which will get those patient lists growing and will help your surgery to grow. Great stuff!

But what are some of the go to’s that make attractive dental websites? Here are some of the tips that we offer!


Is your homepage bustling with content? Do you have a blog that can be used for building SEO? We can help! We know that dental websites need to be loaded with informative content and more importantly, original content so that those all-important search engine bots can find your page and direct patients to it. So, one of the first things we will do when we work on your site is assess the quality of the content of your page.

Your brand

For dental surgery, or indeed any business in the modern world, you need a brand. And your website will need to be loaded to the brim with branding, so patients will be able to spot your brand if they see it on other sites on the high street.

If you don’t have a brand, don’t worry, we can help with that too. And once your logo/branding is finalised, we can put it onto your website, onto social media and many more outlets.

Social media links

Many dental surgeries have social media pages and in the computer age, this is vital to help your surgery reach a new demographic of potential patients.

By displaying the logos to your Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok account on your homepage, people will know that your surgery is invested in diversification and will probably click on them to check out the social media aspect of your business.


You want to advertise what your team does. And if you specialise in fitting dental implants, that will need to be all over your page. This will make your website stand out and will help patients to link a service to your name.