FAQs about dental website design answered

Most dental surgeries, if not all of them, have a website. This may seem odd as you cannot provide dental care over the internet! But it serves as an important part of any marketing or SEO strategy.

But there is more to this than simply having a website. For it to be SEO ready, it needs to follow a set of criteria which will help it to attract the all-important Google bots. This may sound challenging, but this is where the expertise of our marketing team at Dental Focus comes in.

At Dental Focus, we have been creating dental websites for over 20 years and know exactly what is required of each site to make it SEO-ready, and we will ensure that it serves its purpose as a marketing tool. Once our team has taken over your surgery site, it will be the most valuable marketing tool that you have at your disposal.

Want to know a bit more about what we do to make dental websites better designed for SEO and marketing? In this short article, we answer key questions that we have been asked by clients in the past about website makeovers.

What makes a dental surgery site attractive?

The attractiveness of a surgery site is subjective, but for dental websites to be attractive to Google bots, also known as the Google algorithm, they have to follow a set pattern. They have to be laid out logically and have unique content, images that are compressed and keywords. The aesthetics of the site can be easier and less strict to deal with, so this is where creativity and design can come into play, during which we will work with you to make it as attractive as possible to site visitors.

How does a dental site become SEO-ready?

For a dental site to become SEO ready, it has to follow a logical pattern. As mentioned before, this means being mobile accessible, having compressed images that do not slow the loading time, being quick to load and having a lot of unique content. All of these things are designed to help make the site more visible online to Google or other search engine algorithms, which will get your site onto the first page of search results.

How much of a makeover will my site need?

This will depend and our team will conduct an assessment of your surgery site. Some dental teams want to have their surgery page completely made over, whereas others only want certain aspects to be tweaked, such as their visibility on social media, or the loading time to be sped up. Either way, contact us about this and we will offer you an assessment.

Will my team need to do anything?

Your team, or your marketing department (depending on how large your surgery is) will need to work with us to ensure that what you are looking for from your surgery site makeover is met. You may need to take part in professional photographs for your staff’s profile pages or even the creation of vlog pieces, depending on how much you want to put into your marketing plan.

Could we do the makeover ourselves?

It would be very difficult and very time consuming for people who are not trained in marketing to make a website of any kind SEO ready. So, while you could make it over yourselves, it would probably take up more time than you think, so contact us for a speedy solution!