How to make sure you have a successful dental website

A good dental website is very important for the success of your dental practice. Not only does your website have to be modern and attractive but it has to rank highly on Google and it has to be able to convert website visitors into loyal patients at your dental practice. To do this you need to speak to us at Dental Focus. We are specialists in designing dental websites and we have over two decades of experience in creating award-winning dental websites for dental practices across the country. We are here to help you create a brand new website for your dental practice or we are here to refresh and revive your existing website making sure that it is in keeping with current trends, optimised for search engines and that it is converting visitors into patients addressing their dental needs with you.

Our specialist team will not only help improve the look of your website, we will also help you optimise the performance of your website and increase the number of patients who are booking appointments or contacting you through the website.

Important factors for a successful dental website

There are certain factors which are essential for the success of any dental website and we will carry out a website audit to make sure that your website ticks all the boxes. Firstly it is important that you have clear and accessible, up-to-date contact details available throughout your website, not only on the homepage. A large click-to-call button, a contact us option and a chat option are all beneficial for your website. Chat options on dental websites are highly preferable because they take away the stress or anxiety which a prospective patient may feel towards making a phone call and speaking to you in person. Reviews and testimonials are another key factor in successful dental websites. Case studies of patients who have had smile makeovers or other successful treatments at your dental practice help build trust and credibility and encourage patients to address their own dental needs. Certifications are also very important on healthcare websites and instil further trust in you and the practice.

Our website design team can help you in creating a memorable brand, with strong colours, a good logo and unique selling points. This should be inviting and aesthetically pleasing, and it should be uniform across your website and social media platforms. Using custom imagery throughout your website will also help instil familiarity and patients will feel more comfortable and be encouraged to associate you with addressing their dental needs. This should include high quality images and videos of you and your team members as well as the dental practice itself.

Another important factor in determining the success of your dental website is high quality content on dental treatments and procedures which is not only interesting, informative and educational but is also highly personalised and helps patients differentiate you from amongst your competitors. Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more about different dental marketing techniques and how we can employ these across your website to help boost the success of your dental practice.