Important factors for good dental marketing

Attracting new patients is a necessity in order to grow your business and have a successful dental practice. In this age of digital technology, the most effective forms of dental marketing to attract new patients are having a strong online presence and good search engine optimisation.

Google My Business

The first step you can take to get yourself on the map, literally, is to create your Google My Business page. This is a free tool provided by Google that can help you create a listing for your business. It allows you to choose what information you would like to highlight. This may include your telephone number, email address and location. You can also add in a quick summary of the treatments and procedures that you offer, the areas you specialise in and other information that you may like your patients to be aware of.

Google creates a map of local businesses offering the services that a person searches for. So, if you have a Google My Business page, then your dental practice will come up on the map when potential patients search for their dental needs in your area. This normally includes a click-to-call feature which is further beneficial for encouraging patients to book an appointment at your practice.

A modern dental website

The next step in dental marketing is the development of a dental website. It is important to have a modern, attractive and informative website for your practice. So, by speaking to us at Dental Focus, you can rest assured that your dental website will stand out from your competitors.

We have almost 2 decades of experience in dental marketing and have helped over 1000 dental practices to develop and maintain strong digital marketing for their businesses. If you already have a website in place for your dental practice, then it is crucial to make sure that it is modernised and updated. This is because an outdated website may be insufficient and unable to attract new patients for you.

Your website must aim to persuade patients to consider dental treatments with your practice and prioritise their oral health to help promote their overall well-being. So, once you have an eye-catching and educational website in place, it is important to maintain and update it on a regular basis to help engage with your visitors and encourage them to book an appointment to visit you in person.

A mobile-friendly website

It is highly important to make sure that your website is accessible on all devices. This is because most Google searches are carried out on mobile phones; therefore, your website should be easy to load. Furthermore, it must be user-friendly on all desktops, laptops and mobile phones so that potential patients can find out more about you whenever they want to and from wherever they may be. So, speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more about how we can put together a marketing system that will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.