3D Dental Animations with MEDiVision

Watch this video interview! Krishan Joshi caught up with David Carr from MEDiVision at The Dentistry Show NEC in Birmingham to explain how 3D animations make a website exciting and help explain dental treatment without the blood, gore and metal.

Dental Focus Web Design incorporates high quality 3D animations on our websites for dental treatments, orthodontics, facial aesthetics and optical treatments – for dentists that marry opticians!

Visit our WOW Dental Websites to watch these 3D animations in action. You’ll see video animations that illustrate in a friendly manner all the popular treatments such as porcelain veneers for a diastema, dental crowns, single tooth dental implants, dentures with implants, how to floss, how to brush your teeth, lingual orthodontics, composite bonding for chipped and broken teeth, jaw movements for TMJ and much, much more!

krish-blogKrishan Joshi is “the Masterat Dental Focus Web Design.

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