Personalising your website with the 7Ps of dental marketing

At Dental Focus we understand that a good dental website is the key to a successful dental practice. As you know there are more dental practices available in every town and village than most countries across the world which means you require a competitive digital marketing campaign which consists of a modern and highly professional dental website to attract new patients to you. Speak to our website design team from Dental Focus today. We have more than 20 years of experience in creating dental websites for practices across the world. We create dental websites for clinics across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia and we are here to help create a fantastic dental website for you too.

Advantages of the 7Ps of dental marketing

The team of Dental Focus use our firmly established strategy of the 7Ps of dental marketing to help collate the information necessary to put together your website. This strategy helps us personalise your website fully so that it is distinguishable from amongst other dental websites and helps patients differentiate between dental practices. Our marketing strategy, the 7Ps of dental marketing helps to find out everything we can about you and your business.


To begin with we address the profile of your practice. This includes the branding of the business. Branding is more than just choosing colours and creating a pretty logo. The branding needs to reflect the ethos of your business as well as what makes you unique. It needs to be memorable and it should be associated with quality dental care and fantastic customer service. The profile of your dental practice will be used to create a fantastic homepage and the website itself should feel like an extension of your dental practice using the same style throughout.

Your people and your dental practice

The 7Ps of dental marketing continue by addressing your staff members and the location  practice. We will find out about you and all the other staff members and create individual profiles with little back stories to help patients familiarise themselves with you. We will use your pictures throughout the website and you can create short videos on the importance of looking after your dental health or on different treatments by each of the dentists and members of your team helping patients familiarise themselves with you further so that they are encouraged to visit you and take better care of their dental health.

Proof of quality dental care

Another important part of the 7Ps of dental marketing is the proof that you are capable of quality dental care and fantastic customer service. This means including plenty of before and after pictures of successful treatments that have been carried out at the practice and providing prospective patients with access to reviews and testimonials from previous patients who have undergone dental care with you.

Altogether the 7Ps of dental marketing have proven to be an excellent digital marketing strategy and our specialist website design team will put together a bespoke dental website for your practice that will reflect your business to its maximum potential. Speak to us at Dental Focus today to find out more.