Successful dental websites with Dental Focus

Dental websites are key for the success of dental practices in this era of digital technology. Here at Dental Focus we specialise in creating bespoke dental websites for dental practices here in the UK and over in Australia. We have over two decades of experience in creating modern and attractive dental websites, which have helped boost the success of over 1000 dental practices during this time. You can ask us to design a brand-new website for your dental practice or you can ask us to update and maintain your existing dental website on your behalf, whilst you focus on looking after your patients’ dental needs. We will carry out an audit on your existing digital dental marketing campaign and we will find out what we can keep and what we can do to boost the success of your dental practice. Our dental websites are highly personalised, to reflect you and your dental practice, to gain the highest potential for success. We will find out everything we need to know about you, your team and the business itself, to put together a website which has all the information a patient could possibly be looking for, but presented in an interesting, engaging and accessible manner so that patients are happy to explore and find out more.

Good user experience

When prospective patients visit your dental website we want to ensure that they have a good user experience. There are many different features which are necessary to consider to deliver a good user experience every time. First it is important to make sure that your website is easy to load without any unnecessary delays. In this age of digital technology people are not willing to wait for longer than a couple of seconds before they will move on to the next website on their list. Our team will make sure that your website loads instantly and it is accessible across all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and especially mobile phones. A mobile phone friendly website is key in 2022, as most online searches are carried out on mobile phones. Our specialist website design team will take care of this on your behalf and you will find that you are attracting a lot more website traffic if all the technical aspects are carefully looked after.

When patients are on your webpage they should be able to find a clear contents section. This section should list the treatments and procedures that you have to offer and quickly direct patients to the right pages. The website needs to be easy to explore and navigate and each section needs to be clearly set out to help patients find the information that they are looking for. All treatments and procedures should be explained in an interesting and encouraging manner, so that patients realise the importance and advantages of your services and want to find out more about how they can benefit themselves. To help make this information more engaging you can include procedure explanation videos to help ease the minds of patients who may be unsure of what certain treatments and procedures entail. Speak to us at Dental Focus today to find out more about the important features which help make dental websites successful and let us boost the success of your dental practice without delay.