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Looking for a brief guide to dental SEO? An introduction from Dental Focus

Friday 16th April 2021

Remember the last time you wanted to find a local doctors surgery? Or maybe you were looking for a nearby hairdresser. How did you find the nearest ones to you? You used a Google search!

And, not surprisingly, when people who move into a new area (or are just sick of their current dental provider) are looking for a new dentist, this is how the majority find their next dental team.

As a result, if your dental webpage is not SEO ready, it is not only not going to show up on the first page of search results, but it is unlikely to show up at all.

What can you do to ensure your dental surgery is seen? Contact our team!

At Dental Focus, we know how to get your dental surgery noticed and are specialists in all things dental SEO related. Our team is able to analyze your surgery site and devise a personalized plan, to make sure your page makes it onto the first page of search engine results, and stay there. What more could you want?

But, as a dentist, you may not know too much about dental SEO. Here, we offer a brief guide to get you up to speed. Enjoy!

What is SEO and why is it important for dentists?

In simple terms, SEO (or search engine optimization) is the process of boosting your dental surgery’s ranking on search engines like Google.

Why is this important for dental surgeries? Because there are lots of dental surgeries in any given area and so, competition can be fierce; if you don’t invest in dental SEO, then chances are that the next nearest dental surgery will be getting all of the clients that could be yours.

Ranking factors for websites

So, what are some of the ways we can boost your sites SEO? We can create fresh content for your site, we can ensure it is mobile compatible and make sure that each blog piece we write has a fantastic backlink profile to reputable health or dental websites.

Remember, these are just some of the things we can do to ensure that you get to the top of Google rankings.

How search engines work

But, how do search engines actually look at websites? And how does SEO make them more visible?


Digital bots scan websites for keywords and images pertaining to a search; so, if a potential patient is looking for a ‘dentist near me’ we will ensure that the blogs on your site contain these words, so that your site comes out at the front of the search.


After the page has been spotted, it is then indexed. If your page has new content, then once again, it will be ranked higher in the indexing of the sites and will be further up on the search engines results.

Mix these 2 together (and other things link mobile accessibility and speed of loading) and you get the results; your surgery at the top of the search!

Not sure if dental SEO is worth it? Top advantages of SEO from Dental Focus

Friday 19th March 2021

If you run a dental website, chances are that you have been asked about search engine optimisation, or SEO, a few times; usually from companies who want to sell it to you.

And if you are a dentist whose speciality is performing dental implants, you are probably a bit confused as to why you should invest in it.

In short, SEO helps to boost your surgery home page by increasing the quality and quantity of traffic that it gets. If you are fed up with your dental surgery’s home page seemingly sitting online and doing nothing, you may want to consider hiring a marketing team to help boost its SEO and attract more patients.

The easiest way to do this is by calling our team at Dental Focus.

At Dental Focus, we have dedicated nearly 20 years to dental SEO and can help turn your website from, well, just a website into a thriving part of your surgery’s expansion. Using our marketing team, SEO specialists, writers and website designers, our team will help your surgery to boom during these rather uncertain economic times. What more could you ask for?

Not sure it’s worth investing in Dental Focus and our targeted dental SEO strategy? Read on for more advantages that it can offer you.

Inbound marketing

OK, so in the 1980s, outbound marketing was the way marketing worked; cold calls and spam were everywhere and were designed to attract patients or customers through pure saturation.

Fast forward to 2021, and our dental SEO strategy involves inbound marketing; this is more customer-focused and is guaranteed to attract more patients to your surgery.

If a web user is looking for a service your team can offer (for example dental implants in London), our team at Dental Focus will ensure that they see your page using specialist keywords as tags.

No adverts!

Adverts are great, but if you aren’t the market they are aimed at, they can be tedious. SEO removes that tedium and focuses your dental surgery, its brands and its products at specific audiences using an algorithm, which will equate to more patients calling your practice.

Diversifying clients

If you are looking to attract more teenage patients to your surgery to use Invisalign lite, SEO can determine the best places to advertise your dental surgery.

In fact, one core part of what Dental Focus does is set up a social media page for your surgery, so potentially younger patients can access information about cosmetic, orthodontic and general dental procedures.

A more diverse patient list is key to being more successful, and on social media, news spreads fast!


If you run a dental surgery in London for example, chances are you have some fierce competition.

While you may not be able to figure out how your competitors are attracting their patients, our team at Dental Focus will investigate the keywords that they are using, and identify their products using our SEO research and analysis tool. So, you can outsmart them at their own game!

Have some questions about dental SEO? Our team at Dental Focus answers 5 FAQs

Friday 12th March 2021

You’ve updated the web page, added more photos and yet, when you use a search engine to find your dental surgery, it still isn’t on the first page.

What’s going on?

If this sounds like an issue you are having with trying to get your dental surgery onto the first page of a Google search, chances are you haven’t invested in a good SEO strategy.

Don’t worry – you aren’t alone! When it comes to running a dental surgery, your focus should be on the patients, their health and helping them to maintain a great looking, functional smile. But then how do ensure that your surgery page is easy to find for patients and is at the top of Google rankings?

At Dental Focus, getting your dental surgery to the top of any internet search is our job! With our specialist dental SEO, our team can ensure that your page not only gets to the top of Google searches and attracts more patients, but that it stays there using a strategy that has been designed solely for your dental surgery. Brilliant!

So, what exactly is SEO and why is it needed for a successful page? Our team answers the most frequently searched dental SEO questions below.

What is SEO?

In short, SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving the quality and quantity of internet traffic to your dental surgery’s web page.

To maximise this process, our team’s dental SEO tactics target organic searches, using keywords and search engine results to ensure that your surgery’s page receives the correct visitors.

What is an organic search?

To best explain this, we will use the following example.

Suppose it’s a Friday night and you want to eat a takeaway; preferably a pizza. You go onto Google and enter ‘takeaway pizza near me’. That’s an organic search – it combines specific keywords, phrases and locations and by entering them into a search engine, it targets a set of results.

Change it to ‘emergency dentist near me’ and our team will help get your web page to the top of that search list!

Can’t I do this SEO stuff myself?

You can but it can be an all-encompassing job and if you are learning from scratch, it is unlikely to be as successful as you want it to be.

Our team at Dental Focus has nearly 20 years of helping dental surgeries get to the top of internet searches, so when you hire us, you are hiring experts!

What makes Dental Focus different?

We have created a key framework for ultimate digital success which we call the 7 Ps; profile, people, premises, prices, promises, proof and products. When you hire us, we will use all of these areas to improve your website’s functionality, appearance and SEO to convert your website visitors into patients.

How will I know the strategy is working?

In short, you will see an increase in your patient list.

We aim to get the right audience to visit your website and contact you about dental treatments.

What is dental SEO?

Friday 19th February 2021

There are many different ways that you can grow the visibility and engagement of your dental practice, and one of these is dental SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and this simply consists of methods that will push your website to the top of Google. Google is the most widely used search engine across the world, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for potential new patients.

The main focus of SEO content is the use of specific keywords, as this is the main thing that will boost your website to the top of Google when someone is searching for something relevant. When people search on Google, they usually type short phrases such as “Invisalign in Oxford” or “Dentist in Oxford”. These phrases are very easy to incorporate into your SEO content, meaning that it can put you at an advantage and boost your visibility.

At Dental Focus, we are proud to offer high-quality SEO content to you every single month whilst you are working with us. This helps your website move up the ladder on Google as much as possible. Our highly-trained staff can also help you to understand what SEO is, and how it can benefit you and your practice.

What are the different types of SEO content?

There are various ways that you can boost your website to the top of Google through dental SEO content. All of these methods can help your website climb to the top of relevant searches, which can help incredibly with business.

Blog posts

Having a blog that you post on regularly can be a very effective way of producing search engine optimisation. It can also allow for people to follow your journey as a practice, and follow the posts that you put on there, meaning more trust is gained from the people reading it. As well as this, writing these blog posts whilst using certain keywords will boost your website to the top of Google for people who are searching for relevant topics.


Although simple, including lists in your dental SEO content can be a great benefit, as it is easier on the eyes of someone searching, making it more likely for them to click on it. You also have the opportunity to include many different keywords relating to your practice within a list. This brings even more opportunity for your website to be seen on Google.


Including videos on your website and SEO content can be a huge benefit, as it can make your website more trustworthy and more visible on Google. Posting videos explaining things such as certain treatments, who you are and what your practice is like can be very effective in attracting attention from potential new patients.

Why should I use SEO content

To put it simply, SEO is one of the most effective ways of becoming more visible on the internet, which can boost the growth of your dental practice massively. If you have plenty of regular SEO content, as well as a smoothly functioning and visually appealing website, you can shoot past your competitors that may not have these things.

Many people may not know what SEO content is, which puts you at a great advantage if you are creating it. By learning about this, it is increasing your business knowledge and will be a great help to you and your practice.

Why should I use dental SEO

Friday 12th February 2021

When you own a dental practice, it is always useful to know all of the different ways of promoting it. Search engine optimisation is one of lesser known methods of marketing, but can be massively effective. To put it simply, dental SEO is a group of ways that you can improve your website and the functions that come along with it to increase your visibility on the internet.

Here at Dental Focus, we can help you with learning about SEO and how it can benefit you and your practice. We take pride in guiding you through this learning process by giving useful information on how SEO works, as well as actually helping you improve your visibility through writing SEO content for you, designing you an effective website and more.

Types of SEO

There are a few different types of search engine optimisation, all of them being an important part of boosting your website to the top of Google.

Technical SEO

This is the most important part of dental SEO. It covers everything to do with your website, such as how it looks, how it functions and how you do certain things to allow search engines to easily access your website for relevant content.

Making sure that you have an inviting web design is key to bringing in new patients, as it creates more trust with the person searching if your website looks tidy and professional. This aspect mixed with a website that is both mobile and desktop compatible means you have a great foundation for your business growth.

On-page SEO

This part of SEO has to do with your web pages themselves, and the things you can do to make them easier to navigate for both search engines and potential new patients. It is important to have a good attention to detail with your website to ensure you are getting the best result out of it.

Some examples of this would be optimising your page titles, as this is a big part of what will stand out when people are searching for relevant things. This is also good for when search engines are scanning your website for relevant content. The formatting of your page is also a very important part of on-page dental SEO. If your webpage is too cluttered and full of information and images, search engines can pick this up and it can decrease your chances of being boosted to the top of Google.

Off-page SEO

This type of SEO consists of all the things that you would do to promote your website behind the scenes. Doing these things is important to increasing your visibility and gaining new patients. Some of the best ways of doing this is by brand promotion, this is useful because Google ranks well-known brands high on results pages because they are trusted. You can do this by promoting your brand as much as possible on social media platforms and forums. Getting involved with the people who are interested in your practice, builds engagement, therefore increasing visibility to search engines and other potential new patients.

Is dental SEO really that important?

Friday 22nd January 2021

We understand that your expertise lies in what you do; dentistry, and we respect that you are excellent at it. Now, in turn, come to appreciate that our skills lie in the world of digital marketing and that this has value for your business. We don’t expect you to understand what dental SEO is or the impact that it has on the number of new patients that you see walking through the doors of your dental practice.

We do expect you to trust us and work with us where we need you to so that we can create a website for you that is original, bespoke and as unique as the skills that you can offer your patients.

Trust us that dental SEO is an immensely important factor in this modern age of digital marketing where Google analytics plays a huge role in who sees your website and when. By understanding the unique keywords that are the most relevant to you and playing these to your advantage in a number of different ways, we can make sure that the people who search for any of these words in a Google search find your website immediately and through further skilled and compliant tactics, encourage these viewers to get in touch with you.

The art of marketing

We believe that marketing is simply saying what needs to be said to your target audience in the right way and at the right time. Our award-winning websites are completely compliant and you can be assured that no single falsity will ever mar your page, blog or social media links that are managed by our expert team.

Artful marketing has nothing to do with gimmicks, trickery or confusing messages. It is entirely about helping your readers understand what it is they are looking for and guiding them through the process of achieving it. For dental websites, consider this to be education on certain treatments that you offer, coupled with various testimonials about the great support and results that past patients have had under your care. We enhance this with consistent reminders about how to get in touch with you that people are guided to the next stage as gently as possible.

Dental SEO comes in to play when all of this information needs to reach the right people. Google has many factors that need to be adhered to and many hoops that need to be found before a standard website can be seen by the average individual who is searching for a company.

By using our professionals who have made it their job to understand these factors and how to achieve them quickly, then you don’t need to worry about your digital presence, rather feel confident in knowing that you will appear on the ever-elusive Google page one organically in a short amount of time as possible for given keywords that we together feel are relevant to your business and are what set you apart.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your goal of growing your business and seeing more new patients come through your door.

Do you understand dental SEO?

Friday 15th January 2021

The term dental SEO is thrown around a lot, but if you are not an SEO specialist, we don’t expect you to truly understand the importance of the term and how this translates to the real results of more patients walking through the doors of your dental practice.

We have an experienced team on hand that is renowned for delivering award-winning dental websites for several years running. By helping you to understand dental SEO and why appearing on Google page one is a goal that you should be actively working towards, we hope to encourage you to do more for your business by seeking the advice and support of professionals who know what they are doing.

Why should I fight to appear on Google page one?

It does seem to be a tall order these days, especially as Google ranking algorithms work on some 200 different factors that are constantly altered as the program updates and improves itself to be more aligned with the needs of readers. In most cases, updates are designed to benefit the audience rather than the marketers as well making it even more difficult to stay on Google page one if you are already there. This is unless, of course, you pay a pretty penny for the rights to appear as a paid link, although this can potentially have its disadvantages.

Organically ranking as number one on Google is not entirely hard if you know how to achieve it and thankfully, this is something our experts are extremely adept at doing. Through a combination of jumping through the right hoops and the application of the right amount of dental SEO, we can quickly advance your website up through the ranks and have you appear at the top of page one for certain keywords, where you belong.

How often do you organically search past page one on Google when looking for an answer that is completely unrelated to yourself or your brand? In general, most readers change their keywords in their search to locate what they are looking for. The only time you really begin scrolling through the pages is if you’re looking for something specific, such as your own name and where you are ranked.

So if you are serious about your business and want to see new patients rolling through your doors daily, then you need to get serious about your digital presence and where you rank on Google to ensure that people seeking services that you provide find you immediately.

By working with our team to help them to understand what you specialize in, where you want to grow and who you want to be known as, we can identify your current digital representation and assist in altering this in the right way so that you can come across how you want to, rather than simply how you think you do.

With fully compliant website designs that are consistently award-winning, you have nothing to fear and everything to gain by speaking with one of our committed and dedicated professionals today.

Dental SEO: How quickly can you get onto Page One? Part Two

Thursday 17th September 2020

Please note that since the video that inspired this article was recorded, Google has evolved and changed, as such our strategies to get our clients to page one have also changed. To find out how a dental SEO campaign can help you grow your business, get in touch with us today.


Dental SEO


Are there different ways to get onto Page One?

There are actually two ways in which a business can appear on Google page one. These are through paid advertising, otherwise known as Google Adwords and through organic rankings with dental SEO


Organic rankings are fickle, unreliable and take more time than many businesses have to achieve results. Through consistent use of SEO relevant content, appropriate social media marketing and activity on your website, your business will organically move through the rankings to come closer to that page one goal over a certain amount of time.


However, the first 3 or 4 websites on any given page one search are placed there by Google Adwords. If you are serious about your marketing strategy and allow it to work for you, then perhaps it is time to invest in a dental SEO expert and work out a budget to pay Google for the right to be in this place. 


By using this ‘Pay Per Click (PPC)’ advertising strategy, you are speeding up the process whilst still playing the game and competing with many other businesses whilst improving your chances of being seen by those who matter: your patients. 


What is a pay per click advert?


PPC advertising is how Google has collected billions of dollars of revenue. What works for the advertiser is that you only pay when a person clicks onto your website. By placing your website at the top of page one and where all the buyers are, Google has the aim for your business to succeed because they benefit from it as well. We need to inform Google who your ideal patient is so that when they search for a topic using any given keyword, your results will appear where the buyer is ready to click.


When you use Google Adwords you can decide on the wording of the advertisement, you can choose the target audience, your daily budget and your per click budget as well. From there it runs like an auction where you pay as much as you want and you see where you rank. 


Although a business placed above you has more than likely paid more for their advert, the other factors that are the fundamentals of Google such as keyword choice plays an important part which can give you that leading edge. In fact, we have found that in certain locations, the dentist’s name, their qualification and a few informative snippets such as 0% finance and a price for a service can offer exceptional click through rates.

Dental SEO: How quickly can you get onto Page One? Part One

Saturday 12th September 2020

Please note that since the video that inspired this article was recorded, Google has evolved and changed, as such our strategies to get our clients to page one have also changed. To find out how a dental SEO campaign can help you grow your business, get in touch with us today.


Dental SEO


Remember, there is no such thing as page two. By understanding this, you are going to be wholeheartedly focusing on bringing your company up in the Google page search rankings, with dental SEO, so that your website can appear on the most desirable page one. 


But how quickly can you bring your website up from the depths of the web and into visible search engine results on page one? If you have access to the right skills, tools and expertise, then this can actually be done within minutes. 


This has actually been accomplished by our experts notably three times before, but of course, this 120 second or so goal does rely on a few variables to make it this easy. For any company however, an hour is a respectable amount of time to identify the correct factors within your web pages to be picked up by Google and move up to page one. 


We have a webinar available on our website titled ‘Google Page One in 60 minutes’. We are confident that many of the businesses that we work with will be able to appear on page one within 10 minutes, but this will depend on how competitive the keywords are in the searches. 


For example, dental practices in London may find that the keyword searches are far more competitive than for a smaller practice located in Frome. If your practice specialises in a certain treatment, such as dental implants, then your prospective patients who are searching for your services will be looking for more specific keywords. It will be easier for Google to identify your business and bring your results up on the first page through these more specific and less competitive keywords.


This is only one factor of the more than 200 that Google uses to determine Google page rankings, so don’t let this discourage you if your business is in a more prominent area and offers a range of services. Our SEO scientists are here to provide you with these very real results in a very short amount of time so you can start to reap the rewards sooner.


Tell me more about this webinar


The webinar, found on our Dental Focus website is located in the ‘Google section’. Just scroll down to the bottom and a webinar titled ‘Google Page One in 60 minutes’ will be at your disposal. This valuable content essentially offers you an insight into what it is we do here for you at Dental Focus and gives you the basics so you can learn for yourself the fundamentals of the Google search engine.


If you apply the guidelines that we suggest consistently, there is no doubt in our minds that you will get to page one. 


In part two we will cover the two ways that you can get your dental website to page one, Google Adwords (pay per click/PPC) and organic rankings with dental SEO.


Brought to you by the leaders in dental marketing, Dental Focus.

Dental SEO: Why do you need to be on Page 1 of Google? Part 2

Saturday 5th September 2020


Dental SEO


What can we learn about Google to improve our chances of reaching and staying on page one?


Watching it evolve over the years has taught us a few things. Certainly we can say that history repeats itself and there are cyclical motions that we can begin to predict and work with. That is why it is good to know what happened in 2001. You are able to see the behaviours and the mindset of Google alongside it’s growth and what it considers to be important. 


What does Google consider to be important?


Google page one is always about relevance. We need to consider how relevant your website is to your product and more importantly, are you the most relevant between you and your competition?


The definition of relevance by Google has evolved over the years, much like how Google itself has evolved. In 2001, it meant keywords. You needed to ensure that you had the same keywords as what an individual was searching for. It coupled this with how many people link to you, which was a reference to how popular you were. 


It then began to evolve into deciphering who is linking to you and seeing what those websites were about to ensure authenticity. Here we saw Google counting these links again to decide how popular you are. This is the foundation of dental SEO.


The more popular you are, the greater likelihood will be that your company is one of the first pages to appear on the first page of a Google search.


As we evolve further again over the years, we begin to see the filtering of websites that were not produced cleanly and checking to see whether a website is spamming the system with a keyword density that is too high. The content that is produced will be penalized if it is not readable and authentic. 


One page websites are OK, and do OK, but the most successful websites these days are big 30 to 50 page websites with a lot of relevant, readable content. If you want to be number one in the searches, then you need to think big. 


Furthermore, we must ensure that the links are strong, such as BBC or strong PR links. It is not just about how many links you have but who is linking to you.


Today, Google analytics has become a minefield. There are about 200 factors that are considered as to whether a website and its content is relevant enough to appear on the infamous page 1. At Dental Focus, we hone in on the most important factors for our dental SEO clients as well as our website development clients.


How can we ensure that we are relevant?


Some honest effort needs to go into producing relevant content and keywords with some emphasis on finding what the most profitable keywords are for a given website or topic. We then must work on growing the content constantly and consistently and then distributing that through social media.


The content needs to have reputable links that we can source from and by distributing what we can through social media, we will be able to link back to many sources as we reach a greater base of followers and potential clients.


The main take home message here for dental SEO is that it is all about content. Content and appropriate activity will deliver that page one result that will bring in those new patients through your doors and allow you to grow your business.


Brought to you by the leaders in dental marketing, Dental Focus.