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How do some dental websites successfully attract patients? A brief guide from Dental Focus

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Think back to the last time you were purchasing something online; what was it about the website that convinced you that this site was the one to buy from?

Chances are that the website was well-designed and professional. And, when purchasing products like t-shirts or shampoo on the digital marketplace, that is usually all that is needed.

But when it comes to searching for a dental or doctor surgery, there is more that needs to be available to site users to not only click your surgery page but to choose you as their dental team.

At Dental Focus, we know what makes successful dental websites! When you hire us, we will conduct an analysis of your current surgery page and devise a strategy to not only make your page more SEO friendly but also make it appealing for site users to click through.

But what are some of our gold-star tips that make dental websites a successful part of any surgery’s business plan? Read on to find out!

It needs to be in-depth

People looking on dental websites are probably looking for information about a specific service, such as emergency dental care.

And so, your page needs to be in-depth about all the procedures that you offer. Unlike buying a coat, your site’s visitors will want to know that you and your team are capable of performing this procedure and so, when our team creates a blog for your page, we will highlight all of the services you offer with short, informational articles.

It needs to be easy to navigate

Can you navigate through your site?

Successful dental surgery sites follow a logical pattern and layout; if you deviate too far from this, your site visitors will become frustrated and leave.

Our team at Dental Focus can rearrange your page to make navigating it simple, ensuring that potential patients can find everything they are looking for.

It needs to have reviews

OK, it’s time to dig out the reviews.

In our nearly 20 years of experience, we know that showcasing your reviews is a great way to make your surgery and your team more appealing to potential patients. Why not ask your current patients to take part in a video review, which adds a modern feel to your patients’ testimonials?

It needs a sleek design

No 2 sites that we have designed look the same, but at Dental Focus, we know the layouts and designs that attract patients to your surgery.

So, if you aren’t sure that your page has an appealing font or design, contact us.

Your team needs to be on it!

To add a more personal element to your site, our marketing team will recommend that you take some photos of your team, with their qualifications and brief bios and place them on your page.

This will allow patients (especially nervous ones) to feel more at ease about contacting you for dental work; professional pictures of your surgery will help too!

What makes dental websites SEO ready? 5 things to consider from our team at Dental Focus

Wednesday 14th April 2021

Is your surgery site not attracting customers in the way you want it to? Do you feel it is more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to attracting new patients?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then contact our team!

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of expertise under our belt and we can help makeover your dental websites. Our marketing team can ensure that your page is not only SEO ready but will continue to attract patients for a long time! Great stuff!

nsure if your site is SEO ready? Here are 5 questions to ponder as you browse through your dental websites.

Is it fast?

To be SEO ready, all dental websites have to be fast; the homepage has to be fully loaded in 3-4 seconds flat or else, you are losing over 90% of the site’s visitors.

Is your site too slow? Then contact our team at Dental Focus and we will speed it up!

Is it attractive?

We’ve all been there; we’ve logged onto a webpage and have been instantly turned off by something about the layout and design; perhaps it looks too cramped?

We have found that within 4 seconds of being on a site’s homepage, over 90% of potential dental patients will decide if they want to pursue treatment with you. Therefore, we will create a visually attractive page that makes visitors want to click through and not click off!

Is it mobile accessible?

It is as simple as this; most people own a smartphone.

And with the growing use of smartphones and the phasing out of desktop computers, it is important for any page to be mobile accessible.

When you hire our marketing team at Dental Focus, one of the first things we will do is make sure that your surgery page is not only accessible on all mobile devices, but that it offers the same features and is just as fast as it would be on a laptop or desktop computer.

Is there a blog?

A key element of what makes so many dental surgery pages SEO ready is the site’s blog; a weekly article discussing one aspect of what you and your team can offer to patients can make a world of difference.

And of course, the more blog pages you have with keywords, the higher you will rank on Google. When Dental Focus begins the SEO makeover of your page, our team of writers will create original blog pieces for your page, to help get you closer to the first page on any search engine.

Is it actually SEO ready?

Of course, there is more that goes into SEO than the points mentioned above and when you contact our team at Dental Focus, we can make sure that your dental surgery page is SEO ready!

By compacting images, creating backlinks and ensuring that photos are titled (as opposed to numbered), this will help your page to get to the top of Google’s rankings!

How can SEO help dental websites become successful? Top tips from Dental Focus

Wednesday 17th March 2021

In the modern world, if you have a website of any kind that you want to boost with sales, customer or patient attraction, you are going to need more than just a pretty home page.

Of course, that is part of it, but there are many other ways you can make your dental surgery’s website a source of income for your practice.

How? With search engine optimisation or SEO.

In short, SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic that your website receives, by targeting organic website traffic using keywords, location and backlinks. And in the modern age of internet searches, dental surgery searches and a boom in cosmetic dental care, SEO can turn your dental home page into an effective patient attraction system.

At Dental Focus, we know how to use SEO to our advantage and have done so to help thousands of dental websites become more profitable. Our specialist team of SEO experts, website designers and writers will oversee your website’s makeover and if you choose to stick with us long term, we can boost your patient numbers dramatically. What more could you want from a marketing team?

But how exactly does SEO boost traffic to the dental websites we oversee?


Imagine that a potential patient is scanning dental websites for dental implants.

If your web page only mentions ‘dental implants’ twice, it is unlikely to show up on the search engines first page. Keywords act as tags, and need to be placed across your surgery’s web page to get the highest rankings possible; when ‘dental implants’ is entered into a search engine, the search bots scan the web for these words and if you don’t have them placed correctly, your page will be overlooked.


Another way we use SEO to make your site more noticeable to potential patients is with backlinks.

In the blogs that our writers create, we will place links to associated affiliate websites; so, if our writers are creating a blog on veneers, the keyword will be used up to 3 times per article with backlinks to NHS or Bupa web pages. This once again attracts the Google bots and boosts your page’s rankings.

Mobile responsive

OK, so when it comes to SEO, your website needs to be mobile accessible.

Which means that our makeover team will need to compress images, or remove Flash drives and each page needs to be short and sweet. Longer web pages take more time to load and our SEO team will be able to break down any bulky bits of text to make your page mobile accessible.


To make your page’s images more visible to the Google bots, our team will also create more information about your site’s images to enable the bots to detect them. So, rather than a porcelain veneer image appearing as a string of numbers, it will read ‘porcelain veneer’ when scanned by the bots.

This helps Google to understand your page’s content better and boost its rankings based on keywords that are searched.

Is your surgery’s home page eye-catching? How we make successful dental websites at Dental Focus

Wednesday 10th March 2021

What makes a dental surgery’s home page appealing?

Firstly, when you are building it, you need to abandon using any site that offers a template! To make your surgery page stand out, you need to think very carefully about the design of the page, your branding and how much information you want to display on your home page.

Sounds simple? It isn’t’!

Research into online marketing suggests that a website visitor (in this case a potential patient), will decide if they like your home page within 5 seconds of clicking onto it. So, much like making a good first impression in a meeting, you have very little time to persuade your page visitor that your team is going to be the best at providing dental care for them and their family. Talk about pressure!

And that is where our team at Dental Focus comes in!

As our name suggests, we know all there is to know about dental marketing and building successful dental websites. We will oversee the makeover of your dental site from scratch; everything from the home page to the fee section will be made over with our magic touch, creating a page that will offer a high conversion rate of website clickers to real-life patients.

But what are some of our tricks for creating successful dental websites?

Mobile device friendly

There are few people today who don’t have access to a smartphone, a tablet or both.

And one of the ways that our team at Dental Focus builds interesting and profitable dental websites is to make them mobile accessible.

This means all of your website’s features need to be able to load quickly and be easy to navigate; this will help your website be more accessible to Google bots and will help with its overall ranking on searches.

Eye-catching design

It can be a bit of a challenge to devise a home page for a dental surgery that is eye-catching; remember, it only has 5 seconds to make an impact!

While you may want certain features to be displayed on your home page, such as your brand, your surgery motto etc, our team will create a completely unique design for your surgery, to ensure that the chance of your site visitors becoming real-life patients skyrockets.

Personalised images

Stock-photos can look good in certain situations, but if you really want to make your website pop, you will need a more personalised touch.

Our team at Dental Focus can offer you the services of a professional photographer to take pictures of your staff and surgery, to help site visitors identify your staff and recognize your surgery when they enter it; this is particularly useful for nervous patients and children, who may need a bit of a boost to attend any dental practice.


Does your web page follow a logical order?

If you aren’t sure, our team at Dental Focus can take a brief look through your surgery home page and devise a way to make your site more accessible to all its visitors.

How to have effective dental websites

Wednesday 17th February 2021

When you are running a dental practice, it is important to promote it and become visible on the internet. Billions of people around the world use the internet every single day, for endless reasons, this means there are plenty of new people to view your dental websites, therefore becoming a potential new patient. There are a few things you can do to boost the likelihood of your website being seen, and ways to keep people interested whilst they are on your website.

The appearance

How your website looks is massively important in keeping people interested in your website, as the better your website looks, the more professional it seems. Making sure that you have a good mix of information, pictures and colours, can really help someone trust you and your practice more. It may sound small, but if someone came across your website looking for a dental treatment, and your website was messy and unorganised, this could reflect badly on your practice as it looks unprofessional.


As well as looking good, it is important to make sure that your dental websites are smooth and easy to use. This is helpful because it will give the potential new patient a good and inviting experience whilst finding information. If your website is glitchy and slow, and does not function correctly, this can deter someone from continuing to use it. A good use of things such as drop-down categories, easy to find information, and smooth transitions will make your website stand out from the others.

Social media links

Having links to your social media accounts can also really help bring in new patients due to social media being more of a personal experience. When someone looks at your social media page, they will see that you have interacted with people on there and post helpful information, meaning that person will be more likely to contact you for an appointment. Having social media accounts, helps the patient to trust you more as you can connect with people and they can also post reviews on your page which helps massively.


Promoting and advertising your website can help massively with gaining visibility. You can do this by using certain SEO methods, paying for advertising, or promoting in your local community. SEO means search engine optimisation, this simply means using certain keywords and links in your text to boost your website to the top of Google. An example of this would be that if you were putting information on your dental websites about Invisalign treatments, using phrases such as “Invisalign in London” or “Invisalign near me” can be helpful as short phrases like this is what people are most likely to search into Google. Paying for advertising is also very effective, and this can be done on a wide range of platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. By doing this, it makes your website more visible to people who are browsing for related topics.

Here at Dental Focus, we offer high-quality plans for dental practices who would like to work with us. Our highly-trained team can create you a beautiful, well-functioning website that is tailored to you and your taste.

Advantages of having dental websites

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Having a website for your dental practice can bring so many opportunities for growth and visibility both online and locally. By having dental websites, it increases the amount of information that people can see about you and your practice from the comfort of their own home, which can increase the likelihood of them booking an appointment. If you have a well-designed and professional-looking website, it increases the trust that the person searching will have in your practice.

Showing your treatments

Being able to explain all of the treatments you provide on your dental websites brings benefits for both the searcher and you. It allows the person to have all of the information right there in the palm of their hand instead of having to call your practice for it. This also helps your practice as there will be less phone traffic of people asking questions about treatments, meaning more time for other calls to come in.

Creating your dentist profile

When people are searching for a dentist to provide them with a dental treatment, they will want to make sure that the dentist is trustworthy. This is important for both you and the potential new patient, as it builds trust for the patient, as well as allowing you to explain how you and your practice works, what your education and specialisations are and more. This makes new patients feel more comfortable when booking an appointment with you.

Adding photos and videos

It is a great advantage that you are able to put pictures and videos on your website, whether that be of your clinic and staff within it or your treatments, it all helps to build trust with potential new patients. People love to see evidence of you performing treatments and what the results are after, as this massively helps to build trust from them and increase the chances of them booking an appointment.

Patient reviews

Being able to post testimonials from your current or previous patients is also a great advantage for gaining new patients. This can show people that real people have been to your practice and received great results. It humanises your website instead of just packing it with information. The more patients that you have, the more reviews you will receive, meaning more visibility and more trust with potential new patients.

Online booking

Another great feature that you can include in your dental websites is online appointment booking. This helps to attract people with busier schedules, who would like to look at the information and book an appointment there and then without having to call anyone. Some people may also be nervous about calling your practice, so this is beneficial for them, therefore expanding your number of potential new patients.


Being able to include the location of your practice is incredibly useful, as it allows the patient to see exactly where it is and how far away it is from their home. This can increase the likelihood of people booking appointments online as it also shows that you are a real dental practice. Having your location on your website can also help to boost your website to the top of Google, as people usually search phrases with their location in them, so if you have relevant keywords and your location on there, this can be very advantageous.

At Dental Focus, we are proud to build our clients websites that include all of these great features and much more, on a website that is tailored to you and your practice.

Dental websites

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Here at Dental focus, we can deliver you high-quality, well-working websites that could be the catalyst for a successful business. Having dental websites for your business can really help to boost interest, as people can explore what you have to offer from the comfort of their own home. It is also great for boosting sales, as if someone is sitting at home feeling curious about how to improve their teeth, they will most likely look online for answers. This gives you the opportunity to promote the treatments you have on offer to people before you even meet them.

Growing your business is our main aim here at Dental Focus, and we will work with you to ensure we deliver you the best quality website that fits perfectly with your needs. Our team of developers are so friendly and will give you the results you need.

What are the advantages?

The first main advantage of having dental websites is that it means your business is always available to view to anyone, 24/7. This means that you are not limited to getting sales just from people walking by the window or seeing a leaflet etc. It opens up a whole new customer base for your business. There has been a noticeable difference with the companies who have come to us for a website, as it entices people in even when they are at home.

Leading on from this, the expansion of your business is a key benefit of having a website. When you simply have a store on the street, you can be pretty limited to where your customers come from. When you have a website, this means that you can reach people from pretty much anywhere, meaning more and more potential customers.

The ability to easily advertise your website is also a great feature, as this allows you to promote your website on social media sites. Social media is only becoming more popular, and people use it every single day, so if you can advertise on these platforms, it’s a big bonus.

Reducing customer service costs is also a great part of this, as you can put as much information on these dental websites as you want. For example, you could add a frequently asked question section on there, meaning that there is less phone traffic of people asking questions. They will have all the information they need from the comfort of their own home, which people love.

Your business will have an advantage over others who don’t have a website, and this is great for competition. This means it would apply to you if you also don’t have a website, as if your competitors do, they will likely have an edge over you.

Analytics is a big part of why having a website is so beneficial for your business. Using analytics brings many different features for you to pinpoint where you might need to improve things in your business/website. You can identify things such as how the customer found your site, what they enjoy, who your typical customer is and more.

Attracting new clients is easy with dental websites

Wednesday 13th January 2021

For nothing more than the price of a cappuccino per day, you can benefit from the experience and confidence of a professional team creating your very own personal website with the aim of attracting new, private patients through your doors.

We work with you to understand what is unique about your business and about you personally. We shape the final, dental websites around this, ensuring that an original voice comes through strongly, allowing you to capture the minds of the right people who are seeking what you can uniquely provide.

It can be overwhelming to try and do this yourself, especially when there are so many strict restrictions that are constantly being updated and renewed. Rest assured that we consistently remain CQC, GDC, ICO and GDPR compliant so that you do not need to worry about overstepping any boundaries when it comes to your dental websites.

Speak with us about what you believe you would like to portray with your website. We invite you to discuss with us some options that you might not have considered as well, relying on our strong reputation in the production of dental websites. Consider our experience in providing clients with award-winning results. After this, you can sit back to let us do the rest.

We work hard to provide an affordable digital presence with our lite website plans that pack a considerable punch as we consistently deliver award-winning websites for our clients.

What do our lite website plans include?

As we have already mentioned, compliance is important to us. We make sure that everything we say is in alignment with all recent expectations, giving your patients and readers confidence in your personal and professional brand name.

Included on the website is a bespoke, personal introduction that is well thought out and unique to you. This will also be accompanied by a photograph so that your audience can put a face to the name, which is of critical importance.

Testimonials are an important factor in any business, with dentistry being no different. As well, all social media links for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are included in our package, allowing you to have a strong connection with your patients, past, present and future. This allows you to keep in touch with people and available to meet their needs, which can be ever-changing.

We offer many more features, including a professional blog, necessary for Google rankings, a professional email account, setting you apart from lower-level businesses. The design of the website will be mobile friendly and of a modern, bespoke design that suits you and how you wish for your dental practice to appear to the digital audience at large. We also track the activity made on your website for you and offer a simplified analysis for you, offering suggestions for improvement or allowing us all to see certain trends which can be used to your benefit.

These are but a few of the features we offer as a part of everything you need to embark on your digital journey as a professional.

NHS Dental Band Update 2020

Thursday 10th December 2020




We are aware that NHS Dental Band Charges will be increasing by 5% from the 14th December 2020.

At Dental Focus, our #1 priority is to keep our clients websites compliant with the GDC, CQC, ICO & NHS. We will be working on updating the NHS Dental Charges for all affected clients on the Client Service Plan (CSP) and Hosting & Compliance Plan.

Please allow up to 48 hours from the 14th for these changes to be applied, you may need to hard refresh your browser to see the latest changes (guidance below).

If you find your NHS Dental Band Charges have not increased, please email the Client Service Team at who will help you as a priority.

If you don’t see the updates on your website, you may need to hard refresh the page (please press Ctrl F5 Windows or Command ‘R’ on Mac). Web browsers sometimes save files to help pages load more quickly, so sometimes you will see an old version of a web page instead of the most recent one.

Instagram for dentists – Instagram bios

Wednesday 27th May 2020

When it comes to Instagram, first impressions are everything. If you want to grow your Instagram organically and gain the right kind of followers for your practice, your potential followers need to know exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should care. 


Your Instagram bio is one of the first things people see when they land on your page, so make sure your bio captures your visitors’ attention from the start. 


Here’s what you’ll want to include in your bio to get more Instagram followers:



Headline & Keyword

State the practice name and a keyword that describes who you are. Adding a particular niche or interest in the headline helps users get to know and understand your practice.

The headline is also searchable, so make sure you choose a keyword that your followers would associate with your page to increase organic traffic.

Body section

The body section is where you’ll put the majority of your description. Be sure to use the brand’s voice, keep it clean, organised and with a bullet point format to describe who you are.

Be sure to include a line that gives your page credibility. This can be a feature in a publication, a certification you’ve achieved, or a social cause your brand gives back to.


This is the only section you have to place a link on Instagram, so use it wisely. Typically, you’ll want to provide a direct link to your website, blog, or specific landing page that coordinates with your call-to-action.

Entice the click

Try adding some emojis to really catch the eye of your followers and drive them to your website.

Add a call-to-action button so users can easily contact you! 

The following are the action buttons you can include: 

– Email

– Message

– Call

– Book 

– Reserve 



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