The 7 Ps of dental marketing to help personalise your website

Most dental practices offer the same treatments and procedures and because of this dental websites begin to sound very similar after you have browsed through a few. To help differentiate your website from those of your competitors, speak to us at Dental Focus. We are a multi award-winning digital dental marketing company with almost two decades of experience in the field. We have worked with over 1000 dental practices to help boost their business through effective dental marketing. Here at Dental Focus, we use the 7 Ps of dental marketing as a template for your website and this results in a highly personalised, informative, attractive and effective website for your practice.

The profile, people and premises of your dental practice

This approach begins with addressing the profile of your dental practice and your unique selling points. If you have a name and branding that you are happy with, we will showcase this for you or help develop a modern and bespoke profile for your business that will help attract the attention of potential patients.

Another 2 of the important Ps include the people on your team and the premises of your practice. These are particularly important because it personalises your website and enables potential patients to get to know you before they visit you in person. It not only engages with patients but also eases their nerves before they consider an appointment. This is necessary because most adults have a certain degree of dental fear that may have caused them to avoid the dentist for many years. This is your opportunity to help welcome them to your practice by addressing nervous patients directly using personalised messages and videos from your team. In this way, you may be able to encourage them to speak to you and hopefully face their dental phobia, which you can then help them combat.

The treatments you offer and their prices

We will make sure that the treatments and procedures that you offer are fully explained in user-friendly language using diagrams, photographs and videos to break the content into manageable bits and make it more visually stimulating. Along with that, we will also make sure that all prices are clearly visible. Wherever possible, you may want to offer payment plans for your patients to persuade them to consider further treatments apart from their regular checkups or general dentistry options.

Promises, proof and product

Patients are looking for promises of good customer service and top-quality dental care. This will be reiterated throughout your website and proof of such promises will be documented using impressive before and after pictures of successful treatments done at your dental practice. You can also choose to include patient testimonials to help encourage potential patients further.

The last of the 7 Ps of marketing is the product that you offer your patients. This may be in the form of treatment plans. One example would be a smile makeover which you can tailor to your patients so that they receive an excellent overall experience.