The role of dental websites in attracting new patients

2022 is a digital age.

And so, if you have a dental surgery with a website, it should be attracting new patients as well as turning them from website visitors into patients.

This can sound daunting, but the process, if executed correctly, is rather straightforward and can help you to get the influx of new patients that your dental surgery may need.

At Dental Focus, we have designed hundreds of dental websites. Each one is unique and based on the designs that our clients want while also acting as an essential piece of their marketing campaign. Great stuff!

So, how exactly can dental websites turn visitors into new patients?


If you were to visit a website for a dental surgery and it had no photographs on it at all, would you feel comfortable booking an appointment? Probably not!

Successful dental websites have lots of original, high-quality photographs of the surgery and the team who operates it. This is especially important if you are offering services to patients who may be nervous as they will often want to connect a name to a face.

It also offers you the chance to showcase some of the cosmetic options that you offer in a before-and-after style gallery.

Simple layout

Most people have visited a dental website (or any website!) and found it hard to navigate.

For a dental surgery page to be effective at attracting new patients, it has to have a minimalist design that can help patients find the information that they are looking for in as few steps as possible.

This can be tricky, but don’t worry! Our team at Dental Focus can offer your surgery a website makeover, which can simplify the layout while also helping to optimise the website for SEO.


Now it is time to consider the services that your dental surgery can offer.

Are you aiming to offer purely cosmetic options to your patients? Or are you more interested in offering family-based options? Irrespective of what you offer, you will want to have any information about the services that you offer to be displayed so that your site visitors can know what it is that you can offer them while also being able to assess the quality of your work via before-and-after photos.

Contact information

Any dental surgery website that wants to attract new patients has to have the location of the surgery on the site.

Whether it is on the homepage or a separate part of the menu, this will help your site visitors see where your surgery is located. There are some options that we can provide that will allow your site visitors to use an interactive Google map, which will help them to plan their route to your surgery on their phone or computer.


Much like a blog, many of the dental surgeries that we work with have vlogs or video blogs. This can help to keep site visitors engaged, especially if they are under a minute long and can also demonstrate quickly and effectively what services your team can offer.