The role of dental websites

In this age of digital Technology where everyone is searching for their needs online it is important that dental practices have good dental websites to encourage the public to look after their oral health and to emphasise the importance of visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Besides encouraging regular check-ups with the dentist, dental websites also help inform the public with regards to different treatments and procedures which are available due to advances in Dental Technology and for those who have good oral health, dental websites also help educate and encourage cosmetic dentistry which brings further business for the practice.

Dental websites created by Dental Focus

Here at Dental Focus we have been creating dental websites for over two decades and have successfully helped over 1000 dental practices create a strong online presence using successful dental websites, creating search engine optimisation and Google dominance as well as developing social media pages and attracting a wider audience using online dental marketing. If you do not have a website for your dental practice then you need to speak to our award-winning dental marketing team today. Most practices have successful websites and unless you are advertising your services online, it is likely that you are losing prospective patients to your competitors in your local area. Good dental websites provide information for existing patients as well as encouraging prospective patients to book an appointment and visit your practice. Book a consultation with our specialist team here at Dental Focus and find out why our dental websites are the leaders in digital dental marketing and how we can help bring success to your dental practice as well.

How we will create a bespoke website for you

We will create a bespoke, attractive and informative website for your dental practice and ensure that we have all aspects of your business covered so that when a potential patient reaches you they are able to find out everything they need with regards to their dental requirements to help prevent them from browsing elsewhere. We use our 7Ps of dental marketing approach to make sure that the website includes all the information with regards to your dental practice and the treatments and procedures that you can offer. We begin by addressing the profile of your practice and the USPs which make you stand out from your competitors. We will write about the people on your team and the premises of your practice and use these to encourage and reassure the reader that they will receive good customer service and quality dental care at your practice. We will write about the treatments and procedures that you offer and be clear about the prices of these services, providing payment plans where possible to encourage the reader to consider further dental treatment other than their regular check-ups and hygiene appointments. The website will also consist of pictures of successful treatment by your dentists and reviews from existing patients where possible to help attract new patients. Once all this information has been put together, we will use it to create a wonderful website which we will continue to maintain on a regular basis so that you do not have to worry about the marketing of your practice.

Book a consultation and find out more about how we can help you with our knowledge and expertise and allow you to focus your skills on looking after your patients needs.