The role of social media in dental marketing explored

When most people hear the word marketing, they instantly envision adverts on television, radio, or even flyers.

Needless to say, these are all very expensive and somewhat outdated marketing options. In 2023, the focus of most marketing is online, and yes, that even applies to services with locations, such as dental surgeries.

Another area that any marketing plan will need to focus on to help a dental surgery grow is social media.

When you contact our team at Dental Focus, we can help with all areas of your dental marketing plan, from building an attractive, functional website, to overseeing your clinic’s presence on social media. We pride ourselves on our nearly 20 years of success working in this area and can assure you that when you come to our team, we can get your dental website and surgery noticed.

So, why is social media an important part of dental marketing?

Increases patient engagement

Social media can be used to create meaningful conversations with your patients and better engage them in their care. You can post about new services, special offers, health tips, and other relevant information that your patients may find useful; this will build on your dental marketing plan by allowing better interactions with your patients and potential patients.

Improves patient recruitment

Social media can be used as an affordable marketing tool to reach potential new patients. Consider that millions use platforms like Facebook every day; do you really want to turn down the opportunity for your dental surgery to reach an audience of that size? Through well-placed ads, you can attract interested patients to your surgery and start building relationships with them. Social media also encourages sharing articles and videos, so it can help to spread your surgery’s information to a wider audience, thus boosting patient numbers.

Strengthens online reputation

Would you trust a large business that didn’t have a social media page? Research has found that as many as 70-80% of people wouldn’t. Therefore, social media can also be used to build an online reputation by responding to patient reviews and addressing any negative feedback promptly, thus showcasing a professional attitude and conduct from your team online.


Social media is the ideal place to post vlogs about your dental surgery and what it is that you can offer. Why is this beneficial? Because videos are the most consumed type of media online. Provided that your vlog pieces are under three minutes, they can really spread information about your dental team, so get posting to Facebook!

Drives more traffic to website

Having a strong and active social media presence will help you drive more traffic to your dental surgery website, create word-of-mouth referrals, and get feedback from your patients, which can lead to better services and customer relations. So, while this may be seen as a slower part of a marketing plan, it is an effective one nonetheless and is important for building better relationships with patients and those who are looking to become members of your dental surgery.