Using social marketing as part of dental marketing

In 2023, social media has become an essential tool for businesses across industries, including dental practices. The power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can’t be underestimated when it comes to marketing for dental practices.

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How do we use social media to achieve this? Here are five impactful ways we leverage social media to enhance dental marketing strategies and connect with patients.

Visual content

Visual content is a driving force on social media, and dental practices can capitalise on this trend by sharing captivating before-and-after posts. These images showcase the remarkable transformations that dental procedures can achieve, from teeth whitening to orthodontic treatments. Platforms like Instagram are tailor-made for sharing these visuals, allowing dental practices to engage their audience through compelling visual storytelling. By displaying the tangible results of their work, dental practices can build trust and confidence among potential patients.

Educational content and patient empowerment

Social media provides an ideal platform for dental practices to educate their audiences about oral health and various dental procedures. By sharing informative content, such as infographics, videos, and articles, dental practices can empower patients to make informed decisions about their oral care; this positions the practice as an authoritative source and fosters a sense of goodwill in the community. Regular educational posts can cover topics ranging from dental hygiene tips to the benefits of specific treatments, catering to a diverse audience seeking valuable insights.

Interactive live sessions and Q&A panels

Live streaming has gained immense popularity on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Dental practices can harness the power of live sessions to host interactive Q&A panels or even showcase live dental procedures (with patient consent, of course). These sessions provide a unique opportunity to directly address patients’ questions, dispel myths, and provide real-time insights into the practice. The interactive nature of live sessions creates a sense of personal connection, fostering trust and credibility among viewers, while also being a core part of dental marketing.

Engaging contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways are fantastic ways to boost engagement and expand the reach of a dental practice’s social media presence. By organising creative and relevant contests, such as “Best Smile Selfie” or “Caption This Dental Meme,” practices can encourage patients to actively participate and share their experiences. Giveaways, such as free dental check-ups or discounted treatments, can incentivise users to engage with the practice’s social media accounts, thereby increasing brand visibility and attracting new potential patients.

Personalising the practice with behind-the-scenes content

People love to connect with the human side of businesses, and dental practices can humanise their brands by sharing behind-the-scenes content; this could include glimpses of the team working, introducing staff members, showcasing the clinic’s ambience, and even celebrating special occasions. By giving followers an authentic look into the day-to-day operations, dental practices can create a sense of familiarity and warmth; this, in turn, helps patients feel more comfortable and connected, increasing the likelihood of them choosing the dental practice for their dental needs.