Webinar on Dental Practice Open Evenings

Everyone was invited to the Dental Focus LIVE Free Webinar on Google Page 1 in 60 minutes. Derek Watson of Dental Fusion introduced Krishan Joshi, Founder of Dental Focus. Krishan explained the importance of Google in 2013 covering the “immediate buyers” and “word of mouth” strategy of how to reply to all “thank you’s”.

Dental Focus promotes the use of WordPress blogs to achieve Page 1 rankings.  Krishan demonstrated how important it was to rank for your own name such as money4dentists, the Facial Aesthetics Academy and Chloe’s Diamond Events. He decided to present a Webinar on Dental Practice Open Evenings.

Krishan did touch upon the Penguin and Panda updates that Google made and emphasised that it is really necessary to blog in order to achieve Google Page 1 rankings, even if you wanted to rank for the keywords “webinar on dental practice open evenings”. Why is blogging so important? Well, Google loves content and you would have heard before that content is King. The Ace card is when you grow your content regularly, if not daily, by 300-400 words per article using the keywords that you want to rank for in the title and content of the post.

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