Why dental SEO is key to the success of your dental practice

Dental search engine optimisation or more commonly known as dental SEO has become one of the key factors in ensuring the success of your dental practice in 2022. With all dental practices having an excellent dental website it is easy to get lost in the crowd. You need your website to maintain a strong online presence. It needs to be highly visible, easy to find and accessible for all so that you attract a large number of website visitors whom you can then convert into patients at your practice.

Loyal patients

Dental patients have a good lifetime value. This means that when a patient visits your dental practice it is more than likely that they will remain your patient unless they experience any issues which cause them to walk away or they move away from the area and are too far to visit you any longer. Therefore you need a strong digital marketing campaign in place which attracts as many website visitors as possible allowing you the chance to convince them to come to your practice and address their dental needs with you. Each patient brings good revenue for your practice and the more patients you add to your list the greater the success for your dental practice. With a strong dental SEO campaign in place you can become one of the top dental practices in your area.

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Trust, credibility and authority

Dental SEO helps boost your ranking in Google results lists. The higher you rank the more likely it is that you will attract website visitors. Most studies show that the top 3 websites on the results list attract the most attention followed by the next two websites on the list after which most internet users will change their search terms rather  than continue to scroll and visit the website further down the list. You need to invest time and effort into SEO for dentists however we understand with our family history of dentists and dental practices that you want to be spending your time and efforts on looking after your patients dental needs. We will maintain your SEO campaign on your behalf and ensure that your website is ranking highly on the results list.

A good ranking helps increase trust, credibility and authority. If your website is listed below all the competitors in your area then it is unlikely that patients will want to book an appointment with you, rather they will visit the website of the other dental clinics that are ranking higher than you. It is important that your website is optimised so that Google recognises that you are a credible business and also to help patients believe in the quality of dental care and customer service that you are able to provide. Speak to our digital marketing team today and learn more about SEO for dentists and why it is important for increasing patient numbers at your dental clinic.