Alternative targeting on Facebook


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The option to use third-party targeting on Facebook will soon be a thing of the past because Facebook recently announced the option will be stripped out. These partner categories gave marketers powerful targeting options such as users who were frequent buyers, in certain job roles or looking for a new vehicle.


With these options being removed how will you target your audience?


I’ve compiled a short list of alternative options that can help your practice reach its intended audience.


Interest targeting

You can target users based on how they interact with the platform. Facebook collects the information and places users into categories based on their interests.



Aside from targeting users in a specific location, you can also target users who are travelling to specific locations or recently/frequently visited locations.


Engagement targeting

You can target the users who have already engaged with your content. This will be users who have watched your videos, interacted with your page, Instagram profile, events and more.


What targeting options are you going to try?


Dominic Haslam

Social Media Guru

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