iPad “P for Proof” – Consent for Photos

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Dentists often ask us…

“How do I get patients excited about being part of my Smile Gallery?”

iPad “P for Proof” – Consent for Photos

Create Trust to attract enquiries. Creating your “Smile Gallery” is

your greatest tool for showcasing the excellent work you do. Remember to always receive explicit written consent to use patient photographs on your website. Make your smile gallery scroll/swipe forever. Give patients vast amounts of proof and get them excited about wanting to be a part of your website’s “emotional portfolio”.

This will help the patient to see:

You’re the expert, you have experience and you’ve seen it all before. That one looks like me, other patients chose you and went ahead.  You’ve even seen worse and I don’t want to be the worst one.

Step 1: Before the Treatment

Say while showing ‘before’ photo:

“I’ll do my best. I think this is going to be a great case.  Maybe it will be good enough for the website.

Step 2: After the Treatment

Say while showing ‘after’ photo:

Show both before and after, zoom into both photographs!
Remind the patient what they used to look like.
“So what do you think?
Is it good enough for the website?”

I look forward to hearing from you!

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