Dental Focus Case Study : Amit Gupta

In today’s technology-driven world, a practice website is an essential tool in your marketing strategy, giving you the ability to cast your net over a much larger area than traditional marketing methods, and for only a fraction of the cost. Not only will a good practice website help you market your services to patients, but it will also help inform patients about the sorts of treatments that you are able to offer, so your patients are more informed, and will have a better understanding of any treatment plan they may choose to accept.

Dr Amit Gupta is practice principal, clinical director & co-founder of Smile in London, with practices in both Wanstead and Leyton. In 2008 he worked with Dental Focus ® ‘Websites for your profit’ to develop his website, and has seen an excellent return on his investment.

‘We established our practice website in 2008, a few months after my wife [Dr Preeti Gupta] and I bought our practice,’ says Amit. ‘I had already devised the name “Smile in London” after a brainstorming session, and bought the domain name to match as well. The next stage was to devise the website. I wanted to consult with an online marketing company that deals exclusively with dentists. After some research I discovered Dental Focus ®, and I remember being impressed with their website and their portfolio of example sites they had created for other dentists. I also read up on their team members including their Internet Marketing Director Krishan Joshi, so I contacted him directly. He was really extremely helpful, so I decided to go ahead and get the project underway.’

Design is a crucial part of any dental practice website, as it needs to be eye catching and attractive, as well as being simple to navigate and easy to read. To really establish a practice ‘brand’ a good website should also reflect the practice identity with style, and should ideally tie in with the practice’s other marketing material including patient information leaflets, and of course the practice logo.

‘When we first bought the practice and agreed upon the name, Preeti and I designed a logo that we were both happy with and we used in all our promotional material, including practice stationary and business cards,’ says Amit. ‘So as soon as the website project was underway, I sent Krishan and his team plenty of background information about us, as well as our other dentists and so on, along with our newly-designed logo and photos of our practice.’

Amit had significant input throughout the entire process, providing constructive feedback to concept designs until he was completely happy and satisfied with the final result. Once the main website design was complete, the Dental Focus ® team then worked on creating the content for the website, which included a package of customised treatment videos that describe treatments in a clear and concise way.

‘For the content of the website I was keen to incorporate MEDiVision patient education animations, so patients could envisage videos of different treatments in a clear way,’ continues Amit. ‘I also decided that I wanted Flash images on our homepage to make the page more interesting, and we even had a soundtrack added as well, which I think works really well.’

Thanks to a combination of engaging content, good website design and some clever marketing Amit and Preeti have been able to generate many new patients leads through their practice website, and it continues to be a useful marketing tool to this day.

‘Alongside word of mouth advertising, I’d say our website is one of our most important forms of marketing,’ says Amit. ‘We receive a lot of new patient enquiries directly through our website, and people often comment that they’ve found us because of our website.

‘If you want to remain competitive these days in dentistry it’s really important you have a practice website. We used Dental Focus ® to help us create ours and they have done a really professional job. They have also recently completed work making a mobile version of our practice website so patients can easily view our site on their smart phones and tablets. Again, Dental Focus ® did a great job with this, and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to create a practice website!’

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