The importance of dental marketing and how Dental Focus can help you

Digital marketing is important for the success of any business in this age of the internet, where everyone is looking for their answers on Google. With dental practices available on every High Street and multiple practices in any given area, it is essential that you have a good dental marketing strategy in place to help attract new patients and to hold on to existing patients at the same time. Most dental practices are advertising their services online and if you are not already doing so then it is most likely that you are unable to attract new patients and even your existing patients may be checking out what your competitors are offering in the local area.

Here at Dental Focus we have been helping dental practices advertise their services online using our knowledge and expertise in dental marketing over the last two decades. We have successfully created over 1000 dental websites which we maintain on a regular basis on behalf of the dental practices. We create individually tailored websites for each practice which we then maintain by developing Google dominance and search engine optimisation. We also provide friendly and professional advice and use our specialised techniques and strategies in dental marketing to continue this and increase your target audience to help attract new patients to your practice.

It begins with a good dental website

Dental marketing requires a modern and attractive website which includes information with regards to all aspects of your dental practice so that once a reader has reached your page they will find the answers to all their dental needs. We will find out everything we need to know about your practice and put together the website for you, which will address everything that makes you stand out from your competitors as well as information about your general treatments and the procedures which are available at your practice.

Google dominance and SEO

Once we have successfully developed a fantastic website for your practice we have many different methods which we use to help prospective patients find your website. To do this we need to create Google dominance for your website. This means that when a reader is searching for their dental needs in your local area, we use strategies which will help Google recognise your website as the best one to meet their requirements. We use a keyword system to help with this, meaning that we find out which dental terms are popularly searched for in your area and use these throughout the website and any other pages that we link to your dental practice so that Google recognises that you are the best place to go. This is also known as search engine optimisation. SEO uses many different algorithms which help you remain on the first page of Google searches with regards to dentistry and dental requirements in your area. This is a system which is made up of over 200 different algorithms and is changing on a daily basis, so speak to our specialist team here at Dental Focus so that we can deal with your dental marketing and help you bring more patients through your door and increase the success of your practice.