Unsure about dental marketing? 5 tips our team at Dental Focus uses to boost websites

First things first, if you are a dentist in 2021, as everything begins to reopen, you will probably want to get back to building your surgery’s patient list.

So, how do you do that?

As your speciality is looking after patients’ oral health, trying to get more patients to actually attend your surgery is likely to fall outside of your comfort zone. And as the internet becomes more prevalent in people’s lives, sending out the traditional flyers to the local areas to attract new patients is no longer the best way to approach such things.

This is where our team comes in!

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of experience working with dental marketing and can help you boost your patient numbers. Using your website as a tool to attract more patients online, we can successfully retain your current patient list while also getting more potential patients to visit your dental surgery website.

So, the key question you are probably asking is how do we do that? Read on for some of our top dental marketing tips!

Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are not only good places to catch up with people you went to school with, but they can also be utilised in relation to dental marketing.

Our team at Dental Focus will create a social media page for your surgery and, using some management tools for your page, will expand into a wider range of potential patients. A social media presence will also work to boost your SEO (or search engine optimisation) when certain keywords are searched for.


When we work with a new client, we will always enquire about a blog page on their dental surgery site.

Why? Because blogs that are updated weekly with new, informative articles also allow your page to rank higher on search engines. So, when you sign up to work with Dental Focus, our team of writers will work on creating unique, relevant blog content for your page, to boost SEO and to inform site visitors about the dental procedures that you can offer them.


Within these uniquely crafted articles, there will be keywords of either your choice or those that our team identifies as trending.

Our team will also backlink these keywords or phrases to informative, trusted websites like the NHS. Once again, this boosts your SEO!


Did you know that if a homepage of any website doesn’t load within 4 seconds, 91% of site users will click off of it?

Our team will take a look at your surgery page and seek to speed up its overall loading time, by compressing images. We will also make it mobile accessible which, as you guessed, gets it ranked higher on Google and other search engines.


A unique webpage is not only going to boost your surgery branding, but it will also entice patients to come in. And as we use individual templates at Dental Focus, your surgery page will be unique to your brand!

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