Useful dental marketing ideas via social media

If you run a dental surgery, your job is to keep your patients happy and ensure that they get the highest level of care possible and that your staff do their best job.

So, you may not have given any thought to how to make use of social media platforms like Facebook to get more patients to visit your practice.

Not to worry, we can help!

Our team at Dental Focus knows how to target each surgery’s dental marketing to incorporate social media, helping you to climb onto the front page of Google or other search engines. Through this, you can get more patients and grow your practice. Great!

So, how do we use social media platforms to boost dental marketing? Read on to find out!

Sharing content

As part of your surgery’s dental marketing campaign, our team will create a blog for you. Each post will be written by our SEO marketing writers based on keywords or phrases that are trending.

Then, we will share this content, or slightly different content, on social media. And before you assume that no one follows dental surgeries on social media, they do! We assure you! This will help to get more people reading about what your dental surgery can offer and hopefully spur them to contact your clinic for more information.


If you have a Facebook page, you will know it is all about getting likes; the same can be said for your dental surgery.

How do we achieve this? We ask all of your current patients to like your dental surgery page, which will then allow other potential patients to see the page and contact you about what dental procedures you can offer. This will widen the demographic you reach, all from having a few of your patients like your surgery page!

Mobile is key!

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have apps that are downloadable to mobile phones. So, to keep up with the trend, your page has to be made mobile-accessible so that your patients can access it via their smartphones.

This also helps when it comes to boosting SEO as pages that are not mobile-accessible are not detected by the Google bots and are thus ranked lower. But by making your page mobile-accessible, we can ensure that it is reachable by your patients whenever they need it to be, such as on the bus home from work or in their bedrooms at 2 am if they have a dental emergency!

Video content

The most shared piece of social media content is videos. So, what better place to showcase your team and what you can offer than social media via a video?

This will once again boost SEO, encourage engagement, boost your surgery’s brand recognition and help your patients put a name to your surgery team. This is beneficial if you are specialising in attracting patients who are nervous or have phobias.

Share non-dental content

This may sound odd, but it can help your surgery to blend in with the surrounding community and is something that our team at Dental Focus can set up if you want us to.

Sharing local news can help keep patients in the loop about what is happening in the area around the surgery, allowing them to see you and your team more as people of the community rather than just a dental team.