Dental SEO for a successful Dental Practice

Dental search engine optimisation is the key to your digital dental marketing campaign. You can have a fantastic campaign which is modern and attractive; however, if you do not have dental SEO, then your campaign will remain unseen, and you will lose patients to the other dental practices in your area. Dental SEO helps patients find you quickly and easily when they are looking for answers to their dental needs. Most dental practices offer the same services; however, if you can market your services successfully, then patients will come to you first to address their dental needs.

Speak to us at Dental Focus. We are a multi-national award-winning digital dental marketing team. We have been helping dental practices for the last 20 years and have created more than 2,500 dental websites during this time. Our websites are award-winning websites and five-star rated with excellent Google reviews. You need to visit our website to take a look at examples of our work and read what our clients have to say about us. With our knowledge and expertise, you can have a modern and highly attractive website that ranks at the top of Google’s search results for lists for dental practices in the area.

There is a range of techniques and strategies that need to be implemented to enable this, and if you delegate your digital marketing campaign to us, then we can do this on your behalf. We want you to spend your time and efforts looking after your patients, so let us use our knowledge and expertise to help you.

Local SEO

An integral part of dental SEO is local SEO. Local SEO is very important for all types of local businesses. Local SEO helps the patients in your area recognise that you have the answers to their dental needs and encourages them to visit you in person. Local SEO puts you on the map for dental practices in the area. You need to make sure that your listings are optimised for profiles such as Google my business and Google Maps. You need to make sure that the profiles have correct up-to-date contact details such as your telephone number, email address or website and the address of your dental practice. It is also essential to have a wealth of information, making sure that each part of the profile is filled out entirely, providing lots of small details on your business, which patients may be looking for before they decide to call you in person. You need to explain the treatments and procedures that you provide, and the more you optimise the listing, the higher you will rank in the search results list for dental practices in the area.

Speak to us at Dental Focus. We will find out everything we need to know regarding your business; we use the 7 Ps of dental marketing to help us do this. We will then make sure that all your information is fully optimised for Google and other search engines, and over time, we will help you become the most popular dental practice in the area.