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Search engine optimisation or dental SEO is a digital marketing technique which is made up of many different strategies to help you achieve a good ranking in Google search results lists for dental queries in your area. Dentists now find themselves in an overcrowded market and most dental practices have websites to market the treatments and procedures that they have to offer. This means that you need to have a strong online presence and you need to stand out from amongst your competitors to help you attract patients and continue to run a successful dental practice in this era of digital technology. To help you do this you need to implement dental SEO across your website so that Google is able to search, crawl and index your web pages quickly and easily, so that it knows what you have to offer and that it is able to present you to searchers looking for the treatments and procedures that are available at your practice.

Each time a searcher types a dental query into the search bar they are presented with pages and pages of websites that are able to answer that query or offer a solution to the problem.  The main factor in where you are listed within these pages is how relevant your website is to the query. Google uses over 200 algorithms to decide how relevant you are and where to rank your website on the search results list. Dental SEO helps make sure that you are able to achieve a high ranking in the results list each time. It is important to achieve a high ranking because research has shown that 70% of searchers only visit the top 3 websites on the search results list. Less than 10% move on to the next page and most simply adjust the query instead.

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There are three main types of dental SEO and these are technical SEO, on page SEO and off page SEO. Unless you are trained in information technology then these words may not mean very much to you. We are here to help. Speak to us at Dental Focus today. We are a specialist, multi award winning digital dental marketing team and we have over two decades of experience in creating dental marketing campaigns with dental SEO for dental practices across the country. We can create modern and bespoke dental websites which are optimised for Google so that you are attracting quality patients from the onset. We will make sure that your website addresses all aspects of SEO. We have 20 years of knowledge and expertise which we can utilise to make sure that your website is optimised for Google and that you are able to achieve and maintain a strong position on the Google Search results list for dental searches in your area. We will look after the technical aspects of your website, we will help you create and upload interesting informative and educational content which encourages patients to address their dental needs and we will also help you build a strong reputation within your community so that patients are encouraged to address their dental needs with you rather than the other dental practice in your area. Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more.