Five common misconceptions about dental marketing explored

You are running a dental surgery, so why would you need marketing? Won’t people just turn up for check-ups or emergency care if they need it?

In a word, no, and this is why you are going to need a marketing plan!

At Dental Focus, we will work with you to devise a dental marketing plan to suit your surgery. This will aim at growing your dental practice and helping you to earn and retain new patients.

With that in mind, what are some of the most common mistruths that you may have heard about dental marketing? Read on to find out our team’s top five!

Marketing promotes cosmetic dental care

Marketing is a multi-faceted approach.

First, you need to use dental marketing to attract new patients and retain old ones. Then, you will need to consider what it is that your dental surgery can offer; if it is cosmetic dental care, like veneers, then great! But many dental surgeries use marketing to promote basic dental care too, which is more important than cosmetics for health and happiness.

It’s all about online!

It is true that the majority of marketing information that you will come across in 2023 is going to be about online marketing and spreading your brand via platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even your dental surgery’s website.

But, our team at Dental Focus are aware that there are other important methods too, which may involve text-based marketing. Remember, marketing is as much about retaining patients as attracting new ones, so text marketing can be used to remind patients of their check-ups or other offers that your dental surgery has at any particular time.

Marketing is only for private surgeries

This is a common misconception.

Marketing for any dental surgery is going to be important, whether it is private, group or even an NHS practice.

Even if you operate a surgery that has an NHS and private practice divide, you will still need to attract patients. Many people believe that all NHS-based surgeries are not taking patients, and so you may be losing growth and revenue due to this.

Dental surgery marketing is pricey

Most dental surgery marketing operates on a sliding scale; if you have a website created from scratch, are creating a marketing plan from scratch, and are having everything designed for you, then it is likely that it will be a little more expensive.

But marketing services like ours at Dental Focus are aimed at matching the needs of your surgery, and this targeted approach is going to save you a lot of money.

So, if you only need help with one area of your marketing, like your social media page, or email marketing, then please call our team today!

Marketing for dental surgeries isn’t needed

It’s a service that most people will need at some point, isn’t it? So, why should dental surgeries need to advertise or invest in marketing at all?

Well, the reality is that dental surgeries are always competing with each other, and this means that in order to get ahead, your dental surgery will need to advertise its services via marketing, even if you are a small dental practice. This means that your surgery page will get onto the first page of Google, and you will be able to attract more patients.