How dental websites can impact marketing

When it comes to having a dental surgery website, there is more to it than simply having some pretty pictures of ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatments and some contact information.

When it comes to marketing and SEO, your website is a tool, and if it is not used correctly, it may negatively impact your online presence.

But don’t panic! Our team at Dental Focus can make over your dental surgery page and will ensure that any dental websites that we oversee will be optimised for SEO and marketing to help them grow and develop.

So, what are some of the things on dental websites that may be negatively impacting dental SEO and marketing? Read on to find out.

No information

One of the main issues with dental websites is that they often fail to provide enough information about the practice and its services. Many dental surgery pages simply list the services offered by the practice and provide basic contact information without giving any detailed information about the practice or the dentists who work there. This can make it difficult for potential patients to get a sense of the practice and its offerings and may discourage them from scheduling an appointment.

Our team will ensure that your staff have biographies on your website and will make certain that  plenty of articles and information will be on your surgery page that showcase what it is that your team can offer.

Poor design

Many dental surgery websites are cluttered with information and difficult to read, making it hard for potential patients to find the information they are looking for. Additionally, many dental websites are not optimised for mobile devices, which can make it difficult for patients to access the website on their smartphones or tablets. This can be sorted out by our team, and we will ensure that your surgery website also follows a logical layout, so the Google bots can skim through it and rank it as needed.

No maintenance

When was the last time you went on your dental surgery page and did some maintenance?

If a dental surgery website is not regularly updated, it may contain outdated information or be filled with broken links, which can give the impression that the practice is not professional or well maintained.

Our team will make sure that your website is well maintained and that it is updated at least once a week with new blog posts and information about what it is that your surgery can offer.

Slow loading

In order to compete with other websites and to get onto the first page of Google, your website needs to load quickly.

Slow-loading websites are often considered less relevant and authoritative, which can result in lower search engine rankings. This can make it more difficult for potential patients to find the website when searching for dental services in their area, resulting in fewer website visits and fewer patients scheduling appointments. Slow-loading websites can also impact the user experience, which will likely have a negative impact on the website’s bounce rate and time on site. Luckily, our team at Dental Focus can speed it up and will ensure that the bounce rate drops!