The benefits of dental SEO

Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is a digital dental marketing strategy which is designed to help you create and maintain a strong online presence. It helps boost your position in Google Search results lists and thereby increases your visibility online. Studies show that the first website on a search results page receives 33% of all the search traffic. Most people only take into consideration the first five websites and the majority of people ignore anything past the first page. The more people that see you on the search results list the greater chance there is of increasing website traffic, giving you the opportunity to convert website visitors into loyal patients at your dental practice.

Dental SEO is described as an inbound marketing technique, targeting potential patients who are already interested in the treatments and procedures that you have to offer or suffering from dental issues which can be addressed by these treatments and procedures at your dental practice. Speak to us at Dental Focus today to find out more. We are a highly experienced digital marketing team and we specialise in creating websites and dental SEO campaigns to boost the success of your dental practice. With over two decades of experience we can help you put together a dental SEO campaign that enables you to stand out from amongst the other dental practices in your area. With up-to-date knowledge on the ever-changing trends of SEO we can boost your position in the Google search results lists and make sure that you do not lose out on patients to your competitors.

Trust and credibility

A top ranking website on the Google Search results list helps boost trust and credibility amongst potential patients. There are a range of factors which determine where you are ranked on the search results list. However, most patients believe that if you are a top ranking website then you will deliver quality dental care and fantastic customer service. This is also known as search engine authority and will encourage patients to address their dental needs with you, rather than the dental practices with websites lower down the list. Unlike paid advertising, dental SEO helps you attract patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allowing your dental practice to reach potential patients who are searching for you and your services  rather than having to actively look for patients, or send out promotional material to them. If you are a new dental practice and want to attract the attention of your audience you may wish to begin with a short paid marketing campaign. However, once you have established dental SEO, this will work for you during many years to come.

By maintaining your website on a regular basis, you can continue to improve your position  on the search results lists. Google algorithms are changing on a regular basis and our team will use their up-to-date knowledge to make sure that your website is always keeping with current trends. Speak to our specialist team today and let us carry out a website audit to find out where you are up to and see how we can enhance and improve your website for you and boost your position on that all-important list very soon.