The importance of modern dental websites for effective digital marketing

Dental websites play a crucial role in the success of your dental practice. Dental websites attract new patients, help you engage with existing patients and educate the public on the importance of good dental health and regular dental checkups. You must have a website that is competitive with the websites of the other dental practices in your area otherwise, you will lose patients to your rivals.

All dental clinics have dental websites, so you need to make sure that yours is expertly designed, developed and maintained to fulfil its maximum potential. Your website will be seen by a potentially unlimited audience; therefore, you need to make sure that it provides an excellent user experience to each and every visitor so that you have the chance to convert those visitors into patients at your clinic.

You need to speak to us at Dental Focus. We are market leaders in creating and maintaining modern dental websites in the UK and Australia. We have over 20 years of experience in digital dental marketing, and with our family history in dentistry, we can provide you with a powerful tool to boost the success of your dental practice. We are a multi-award-winning team, and our websites are 5-star rated to help build trust and credibility and attract new patients for you.

Visit our website to read the excellent reviews and testimonials from our existing clients and take a look at some of the fantastic websites we have created over the years to get an idea of what we can do for you.

The 7 Ps of dental marketing

Here at Dental Focus, we use our tried-and-tested strategy, the 7 Ps of dental marketing, to make sure that each website is individually tailored and highly personalised for your dental practice.

The 7 Ps of dental marketing begin by addressing the profile of your business. The strategy looks at the dentists that make up your business and the rest of your dental team. It includes the dental practice itself as well as the equipment and technology that you have to offer.

The 7 Ps also include the prices of your treatments and compare them to that of your competitors to help you remain competitive whilst providing quality dental care. It includes the promises of quality dental care and fantastic service. You also have to show proof of fulfilling these promises by including before-and-after pictures, reviews and testimonials that patients can read for themselves to build further trust and credibility and encourage them to address their dental needs with you. Finally, the 7 Ps of dental marketing look at the products that you have to offer, which may not be available at the other dental clinics in your area.

This strategy helps patients differentiate you from the other dental practices in your area. We can use this information to create a fantastic dental website for you, and we will help you attract new patients, keep in touch with your existing patients and boost the success of your business.