How our team makes over dental websites

It can be something of a kick in the gut to many people who have taken the time to design a dental surgery website from scratch. It ticks all of the aesthetic boxes you want it to, but for some reason, it is failing to pull in the crowds that you expected it to.

If this has happened to your dental surgery website, don’t despair! There is more to the success of a dental surgery website than how pretty it looks, and our team at Dental Focus can help to turn it around.

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of making over dental websites, and we will work with your team to ensure that your website looks as you want it to but also ticks a tonne of boxes relating to dental SEO and marketing, to ensure that it not only attracts more people but that it helps your dental surgery to become more popular online. Great!

So, how exactly does our team makeover dental websites? Read on to see what we assess when you contact us for help.

Assess graphics

Dental websites need unique photographs in order to create a professional, branded appearance that accurately and properly captures the personality and services of the practice. Unique, professional photographs can help to create a strong first impression that is more memorable and engaging. Additionally, striking photographs personalize the website and make it more characteristic of the practice, making it more likely that potential patients will be able to relate to the content. Images are especially powerful as potential patients are easily drawn to visually appealing website content, especially if there are other aspects of the webpage, too, such as staff bios.

Assess layout

The layout of a dental surgery website can have a large impact on its SEO. A well-designed website with easy-to-navigate menus, clear content hierarchy and clearly labelled sections can make it easier for search engine algorithms to understand the pages and rank them more favourably. Good website design also encourages more visitors to remain on the website, which in turn leads to higher levels of user engagement which is beneficial for SEO. Also, strategically placed keywords within the website’s content can help boost its rankings for relevant searches.

Assess speed

Dental surgery websites need to load quickly because fast loading times contribute to a positive user experience. A website that takes too long to load will discourage users from engaging with it, and potential patients may be reluctant to use the services provided if they are unable to easily access information online. Studies have shown that slow loading times can have a poor impact on search engine rankings, so we will aim to speed up your page to help with this.

Assess content

Unique content is essential for dental surgery websites, as it showcases the expertise and versatility of the practice and provides potential patients with information about the services provided. Unique content can also help a dental surgery website’s organic ranking on search engines, helping potential patients to find the practice more easily.

Assess user-friendly features

What are some of the user friendly-features your website may need? Easy navigation to find content quickly and intuitively, clear headings, titles and subheadings to quickly explain the page’s content, and a mobile-friendly platform for easy loading and scrolling on all devices.

This is a very basic list, and, depending on the features your website has, we may need to put in many more.