Our team answer FAQs about dental marketing

Is your dental surgery website not attracting as many people as you need it to? Do you need some help with your marketing and SEO to boost your patient numbers?

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of experience overseeing dental marketing for thousands of surgeries and can assure you that if your surgery is not doing well with the acquisition of patients, you may need to contact us about your marketing plan.

But why exactly is marketing so important? In this article, our team at Dental Focus aims to showcase the importance of dental marketing by answering common queries.

Why is marketing important for dental surgeries?

Dental marketing is an important tool for dental surgeries to promote their practices, build brand recognition and trust, and grow their patient base. A strong marketing strategy can help dental practices stand out from the competition, generate more leads, increase business opportunities, and attract more patients. Through marketing, dental offices can effectively communicate the benefits they offer, reach their target audiences, gain an advantage over their competitors, and reach their financial goals. By properly utilising marketing, dental practices can make sure their message is heard and that potential patients select them for their dental needs.

How do you determine whether a marketing plan is working?

A marketing plan is working if it generates leads and increases the number of new patients at the practice. To accurately measure the success of a marketing plan, it is important to track various parameters, including the number of calls and inquiries about the practice, repeat patients, online reviews and ratings, as well as social media engagement. Our team can also oversee areas like website traffic and conversions alongside open email rates, click-through rates, and response rates. And then, of course, the most obvious way to determine whether it is working is if you continue to grow your patient list!

What are some of the best marketing tips?

There are so many, but the first thing to do is invest in a professional website. Many potential patients will research your practice online before scheduling an appointment, so it’s important to have a modern website that reflects your practice and provides details about your experience, procedures, and what sets your practice apart from the rest.

You need to develop SEO-friendly content and look into the techniques used to ensure that your content shows up higher in search engine rankings. Develop high-quality content that contains relevant keywords and is optimised to be indexed by search engines. Our team at Dental Focus can help with this part!

Is it an ongoing process?

Yes, marketing is an ongoing process. Just like any business, the success of a dental practice depends in part on effective marketing strategies; this means that marketing efforts must aim to continuously reach new patients and maintain relationships with existing ones.

Is it expensive?

You may be worried about costs at this stage, but don’t be!

Our team at Dental Focus can ensure that your marketing plan is aimed to fit your budget and will ensure that it is adapted to what is needed, following regular reviews with your team.